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Topic Count Date Category
FIRST SHOT............TUESDAY, OCT 21st 8 21-Oct-14 Shooting
got to admire the coyote 16 21-Oct-14 General
Shakespeare T/D Metal Riser Recurve NOS 15 21-Oct-14 Lam bows
.400 fmj longbow 8 21-Oct-14 Arrows
TIGHT NOCKS? 4 21-Oct-14 Arrows
Black Widow & Silvertip? 25 21-Oct-14 Lam bows
Prayer request 66 21-Oct-14 General
Need help identifying a bow + info 8 21-Oct-14 Lam bows
any info on this guy 3 21-Oct-14 General
I need a south wind 8 21-Oct-14 General
Vest Pocket Bowie 19 21-Oct-14 General
2117 and 2315 spine weight 12 21-Oct-14 Arrows
Poked a hole:In a doe. 43 21-Oct-14 Bowhunting
Bow refinishing services 18 21-Oct-14 General
64 pounds of bama 4 21-Oct-14 Lam bows
Can you tell me about this Howatt bow? 15 21-Oct-14 Lam bows
bows 10 21-Oct-14 General
#3 for the year...lucky 37 21-Oct-14 Bowhunting
How would describe your season so far? 62 21-Oct-14 Bowhunting
Started something with a scout troop 13 21-Oct-14 General
Shooting While Sitting 10 21-Oct-14 General
Wooden arrow spine equivalent to 2018? 12 21-Oct-14 Arrows
Autumnwoods Camo question 4 21-Oct-14 Bowhunting
Simmons / Cari-bow Kill 11 21-Oct-14 Bowhunting
I finally broke my slump. 58 21-Oct-14 Bowhunting
Dog / tracking / training advise, please 21 21-Oct-14 General
A Small Knife 20 21-Oct-14 Bowhunting
Martin bushmaster 12 21-Oct-14 Lam bows
61# ± Recurve, 200gr 27.75",What say Ye? 40 21-Oct-14 Arrows
wooden snow shoes for huntnig 16 21-Oct-14 General
Jims final season closes 67 21-Oct-14 General
My job today. It was a tough one 12 21-Oct-14 General
hand full of obsidian hunters 37 21-Oct-14 General
Prayers for Larry and his family. 68 21-Oct-14 General
3Rivers hunter wood arrows 10 21-Oct-14 Arrows
Breaking in the Browning Wasp! 9 21-Oct-14 Bowhunting
Tice & Watts review 8 21-Oct-14 Lam bows
Ground Blinds? 13 21-Oct-14 Bowhunting
Pendelton wool shirts on sale at Cabelas 15 21-Oct-14 General
Arrow Finish 6 21-Oct-14 Arrows

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