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Topic Count Date Category
Osage birthday present 24 24-Sep-17 Selfbows
Osage RD 37 23-Sep-17 Selfbows
Hickory board bow for grandson 18 22-Sep-17 Selfbows
Selfbow Ring 11 16-Sep-17 Selfbows
Antler tip overlays : epic glue failure 50 09-Sep-17 Selfbows
Montana selfbow jamboree 12 08-Sep-17 Selfbows
Let see your selfy rigs for this fall 65 07-Sep-17 Selfbows
Bendy handle selfbow opinions 26 06-Sep-17 Selfbows
Making new all wood limbs 15 06-Sep-17 Selfbows
New Record English Longbows 40 04-Sep-17 Selfbows
Osage at sunset 24 03-Sep-17 Selfbows
The force be with you 12 02-Sep-17 Selfbows
First selfbow is splitting! 17 01-Sep-17 Selfbows
What could I do for Yew? 36 27-Aug-17 Selfbows
Hickory stave, second attempt 164 25-Aug-17 Selfbows
Osage Recurve 54 18-Aug-17 Selfbows
Board Lumber Bow 23 17-Aug-17 Selfbows
e bay yew longbow.. 17 17-Aug-17 Selfbows
Rudderbows out of business ? 9 16-Aug-17 Selfbows
Bamboo Backed Bows 31 14-Aug-17 Selfbows
self bow couple questions 21 13-Aug-17 Selfbows
What do you use for checking moisture? 23 11-Aug-17 Selfbows
Anyone shooting Gill Primitive Archery b 24 10-Aug-17 Selfbows
Hickory longbow brace height 25 09-Aug-17 Selfbows
Synthetic sinew 9 29-Jul-17 Selfbows
MoJam-the Original Selfbow Jamboree-7/20 39 25-Jul-17 Selfbows
Elm Hall donation bow 19 23-Jul-17 Selfbows
Simple osage 43 23-Jul-17 Selfbows
New yew bow for my collection 16 17-Jul-17 Selfbows
Making a Horn Bow 3 17-Jul-17 Selfbows
roving with my purty lil ugly 55 15-Jul-17 Selfbows
Paper backing? 10 15-Jul-17 Selfbows
Yew wood 8 13-Jul-17 Selfbows
Strunk Spirit Lomgbow 10 10-Jul-17 Selfbows
Extreme Power CA glue for self bows? 8 09-Jul-17 Selfbows
Ole Yeller 33 07-Jul-17 Selfbows
Another Rempp 5 06-Jul-17 Selfbows
Thanks folks! 8 23-Jun-17 Selfbows
why did Ryan's thread get pulled,,?? 41 22-Jun-17 Selfbows
First Step in Skinning a Bow 9 16-Jun-17 Selfbows

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