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Topic Count Date Category
Wood spine for Old non center shot bow 5 23-Mar-17 Selfbows
Decided to start first bow 80 23-Mar-17 Selfbows
New Hedge Bow 56 22-Mar-17 Selfbows
Good Season So Far! 2 20-Mar-17 Selfbows
Ha Child's Play 18 20-Mar-17 Selfbows
Turquoise inlayed Osage 50 18-Mar-17 Selfbows
Steam limb on selfbow? 11 16-Mar-17 Selfbows
Hickory stave, second attempt 20 15-Mar-17 Selfbows
Free riser 5 14-Mar-17 Selfbows
Roughing out a bow? 7 14-Mar-17 Selfbows
Laminar crack? 7 14-Mar-17 Selfbows
The dull draw knife 40 12-Mar-17 Selfbows
How do you feel about bow trades. 38 12-Mar-17 Selfbows
Hickory Bow Progress 17 12-Mar-17 Selfbows
Bow Attempt 84 08-Mar-17 Selfbows
hey Arvin its got a shelf 15 06-Mar-17 Selfbows
Hickory Stave, Help! 22 04-Mar-17 Selfbows
To steam or not to steam? 9 04-Mar-17 Selfbows
Tiller check please 25 03-Mar-17 Selfbows
Best application for finish on BBI bow 20 28-Feb-17 Selfbows
Hickory stave help! 38 23-Feb-17 Selfbows
Hickory selfbow 9 22-Feb-17 Selfbows
Finally started my red oak board bow 71 21-Feb-17 Selfbows
Crooked stave 20 21-Feb-17 Selfbows
Got Some Maple 38 18-Feb-17 Selfbows
Dyeing with Osage 4 18-Feb-17 Selfbows
Selfbow for my daughter :) 29 16-Feb-17 Selfbows
Osage selfbow 30 16-Feb-17 Selfbows
BBO with skins 49 15-Feb-17 Selfbows
check out my board bow collection 26 15-Feb-17 Selfbows
Do not be afraid 12 12-Feb-17 Selfbows
Bees wax wood finish? 29 10-Feb-17 Selfbows
Check my tiller 45 09-Feb-17 Selfbows
Sinewbacked Maple Bow 17 08-Feb-17 Selfbows
Self Bow Question? 20 07-Feb-17 Selfbows
Latest Osage takedown 37 06-Feb-17 Selfbows
Dull Drawknife tip! 6 06-Feb-17 Selfbows
Yellow locust 25 06-Feb-17 Selfbows
lets see your selfbow tool kit! 27 06-Feb-17 Selfbows
Another Hickory Selfbow 33 03-Feb-17 Selfbows

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