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Topic Count Date Category
Field archery 32 25-Jun-18 Shooting
CTAS Shoot---Great Job! 1 25-Jun-18 Shooting
FIRST SHOT...........Monday June 25th 11 25-Jun-18 Shooting
Paradox and paper tune distance? 11 24-Jun-18 Shooting
Tuning with higher FOC? 51 24-Jun-18 Shooting
Rent-a-kids 24 23-Jun-18 Shooting
Finger Soreness...? 18 23-Jun-18 Shooting
Masters of the Barebow Vol 5 IS HERE 18 23-Jun-18 Shooting
Wrist Slap? 24 22-Jun-18 Shooting
Elm Hall stick bow shoot. 31 22-Jun-18 Shooting
CTAS High Country Shoot June 21-24 22 20-Jun-18 Shooting
Tom Mussatto 12 19-Jun-18 Shooting
How much is to much 29 19-Jun-18 Shooting
FIRST SHOT.......Weekend -- June 16-17th 30 17-Jun-18 Shooting
Pocket Quiver 4 17-Jun-18 Shooting
Another day. Another Robin Hood. 47 17-Jun-18 Shooting
Whats your furthest effective range? 10 17-Jun-18 Shooting
FIRST SHOT.........Thursday, June 14th 29 16-Jun-18 Shooting
FIRST SHOT...........Friday, June 15th 33 16-Jun-18 Shooting
Compton Rendezvous June 14-17 76 15-Jun-18 Shooting
FIRST SHOT..........Wednesday June 13th 13 14-Jun-18 Shooting
FIRST SHOT........Tuesday June 12th 18 13-Jun-18 Shooting
FIRST SHOT...........Monday June 11th 21 11-Jun-18 Shooting
Stalker limb differences 4 11-Jun-18 Shooting
Did Fred Bear paper tune? 22 07-Jun-18 Shooting
Rayzrs 13 05-Jun-18 Shooting
Left eye dominant right hand shooter 30 05-Jun-18 Shooting
FIRST SHOT.........Weekend June 2-3rd 26 03-Jun-18 Shooting
Buck Hollow shoot-anyone going? 22 03-Jun-18 Shooting
After hours stumping 3 03-Jun-18 Shooting
I'll feel that tomorrow 17 02-Jun-18 Shooting
Gapping question 40 02-Jun-18 Shooting
New favorite bow arrived today 8 02-Jun-18 Shooting
Most protective glove for sore finger? 29 02-Jun-18 Shooting
FIRST SHOT............Friday June 1st 9 01-Jun-18 Shooting
It's gonna be 4 deer in a row! 58 01-Jun-18 Shooting
Much cleaner release 5 31-May-18 Shooting
First shot ??? 10 31-May-18 Shooting
FIRST SHOT..........Wednesday May 30th 26 31-May-18 Shooting
Anchors and Eye Dominance 23 31-May-18 Shooting

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