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Topic Count Date Category
FIRST SHOT...........Tuesday Mar 20th 13 20-Mar-18 Shooting
Breaking a habit 1 20-Mar-18 Shooting
no 3 under 71 20-Mar-18 Shooting
comment on rug rest and arrow plate 18 20-Mar-18 Shooting
Adjust tiller to change arrow impact ? 29 19-Mar-18 Shooting
Anyone running a tighspot? 44 19-Mar-18 Shooting
FIRST SHOT...........Monday Mar 19th 23 19-Mar-18 Shooting
Good Archery Book 49 19-Mar-18 Shooting
Hip quiver 18 19-Mar-18 Shooting
Talon web page 4 19-Mar-18 Shooting
knock high 8 19-Mar-18 Shooting
From target to hunting 22 19-Mar-18 Shooting
Post your 300 round scores 69 18-Mar-18 Shooting
Ring finger issues? 13 18-Mar-18 Shooting
Merrill Bow Sight 40 18-Mar-18 Shooting
Archery in New Mexico 42 18-Mar-18 Shooting
Low weight number 3 Bear takedown limbs 8 17-Mar-18 Shooting
How Many Top Level Archers? 412 15-Mar-18 Shooting
Push or pull through the shot?? 98 15-Mar-18 Shooting
B@A Spring Trad Shoot 5 14-Mar-18 Shooting
Hitting right revisited 26 14-Mar-18 Shooting
FIRST SHOT...........Monday Feb 18th 25 13-Mar-18 Shooting
Shooting right 18 12-Mar-18 Shooting
Brace height for Miegs 3 12-Mar-18 Shooting
Credible sources to help with TP 13 12-Mar-18 Shooting
Tune Question 18 11-Mar-18 Shooting
FIRST SHOT........Weekend -- Mar 10-11th 19 11-Mar-18 Shooting
Blind Ignorance 68 11-Mar-18 Shooting
Form of target panic?? 11 11-Mar-18 Shooting
Anchor and string blur 24 11-Mar-18 Shooting
Bareshaft nock high. Consistently. 26 10-Mar-18 Shooting
Lost interest for now 61 10-Mar-18 Shooting
Shooting after back surgery 6 10-Mar-18 Shooting
FIRST SHOT...........Friday, Mar 9th 26 10-Mar-18 Shooting
Accurate statement? 18 09-Mar-18 Shooting
Papa shot a sight 54 09-Mar-18 Shooting
FIRST SHOT.........Thursday, Mar 8th 25 08-Mar-18 Shooting
Higher poundage now. Question. 31 08-Mar-18 Shooting
FIRST SHOT..........Wednesday Mar 7th 18 08-Mar-18 Shooting
FIRST SHOT...........Tuesday Mar 6th 30 06-Mar-18 Shooting

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