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Topic Count Date Category
Sharpening 2 blades 23 26-Sep-22 Arrows
High FOC = Half Fletched: good or bad? 40 26-Sep-22 Arrows
Arrow quality dowells 14 26-Sep-22 Arrows
Gold Tip Kinetic Hunters 2 23-Sep-22 Arrows
Heavier 600 spine carbon arrow shafts 11 22-Sep-22 Arrows
Ever have one of those days? 25 22-Sep-22 Arrows
Regular easton axis arrow 19 22-Sep-22 Arrows
Easton 19xx proper field tip size 9 21-Sep-22 Arrows
Point glue 39 21-Sep-22 Arrows
Added cord to arrows 13 20-Sep-22 Arrows
Easton Gamegetter spines 10 20-Sep-22 Arrows
A fletching tip 11 20-Sep-22 Arrows
30# @ 25 1/2 which aluminum or carbon? 12 18-Sep-22 Arrows
Point threads: Bad Batch?? 10 18-Sep-22 Arrows
Thread in Weight Adapters - 3RA 6 17-Sep-22 Arrows
Tophat adapters only sold at 3rivers ? 6 17-Sep-22 Arrows
Doug Fir Nock and Point Taper 20 16-Sep-22 Arrows
Fletching feathers with ez fletch 27 16-Sep-22 Arrows
arrow by Jim 18 14-Sep-22 Arrows
To the guy that sent me fletchings 5 14-Sep-22 Arrows
SprayCanShaftPrep 17 12-Sep-22 Arrows
Review 3 rivers Traditional Only shafts 11 12-Sep-22 Arrows
Carbon express 350 8 12-Sep-22 Arrows
Heavy bow arrow set up 19 11-Sep-22 Arrows
Aluminums I just finished 24 11-Sep-22 Arrows
Fletching aluminum shafts 27 11-Sep-22 Arrows
Fetching glue? 3 11-Sep-22 Arrows
Alcohol burner fuel? 15 11-Sep-22 Arrows
Arrow Advise Please 9 10-Sep-22 Arrows
History of the Gamegetter shaft 38 09-Sep-22 Arrows
3 Rivers archery 6 08-Sep-22 Arrows
Fletched up some 1916’s 25 08-Sep-22 Arrows
Would you even bother? 15 07-Sep-22 Arrows
Refurbished JDA 2217 naturals 13 07-Sep-22 Arrows
Possible Arrows 13 06-Sep-22 Arrows
Paint stirrer and some imagination 9 06-Sep-22 Arrows
Paint over polyurethane 3 05-Sep-22 Arrows
Triangle sharpener 10 05-Sep-22 Arrows
In Praise of Tangerine Nocks 33 04-Sep-22 Arrows
Feather burner - silly question 6 03-Sep-22 Arrows

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