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Topic Count Date Category
Antique (?) Parker Long Bow History Pls 16 23-Apr-24 Selfbows
My very First Self Bow 48 21-Apr-24 Selfbows
Who builds and sells the nicest self bow 71 20-Apr-24 Selfbows
a question for selfbow makers 16 20-Apr-24 Selfbows
Sharpening card scrapers question 10 19-Apr-24 Selfbows
Starting Small 165 07-Apr-24 Selfbows
Tamarak wood, is it good selfbow wood? 17 05-Apr-24 Selfbows
Looking for a PA bowyer for tillering 14 04-Apr-24 Selfbows
Self bow tips not those tips ;) 38 28-Mar-24 Selfbows
Inherited yew wood 2024 13 28-Mar-24 Selfbows
How many of the rare breed 206 27-Mar-24 Selfbows
American long bow or pyramid ? 22 25-Mar-24 Selfbows
Simplest form of selfbow 26 24-Mar-24 Selfbows
American Elm 27 15-Mar-24 Selfbows
2015 Osage bendy handle pass around 205 11-Mar-24 Selfbows
Matt -n- Me Osage 45 10-Mar-24 Selfbows
Pro’s & Cons 2 08-Mar-24 Selfbows
Another red oak board bow 44 07-Mar-24 Selfbows
Osage Bow Show 46 05-Mar-24 Selfbows
Hophorn beam bow 10 05-Mar-24 Selfbows
Antler selfbow tips 17 04-Mar-24 Selfbows
Working on a piece of HHB 62 27-Feb-24 Selfbows
Limb thickness 5 25-Feb-24 Selfbows
a tillering question 8 25-Feb-24 Selfbows
Ojam 24 15 24-Feb-24 Selfbows
A patching of sorts 2 23-Feb-24 Selfbows
Yew tave source 7 23-Feb-24 Selfbows
Cold blast selfbow 33 20-Feb-24 Selfbows
Hickory board 17 19-Feb-24 Selfbows
update on one of my guys 8 11-Feb-24 Selfbows
For Primitive archers A Guess of a bow 4 08-Feb-24 Selfbows
Yew Mollegabet 25 31-Jan-24 Selfbows
Tell us about your first successful:) 16 23-Jan-24 Selfbows
Yew Selfbow 23 18-Jan-24 Selfbows
Latest selfbow finished 62 17-Jan-24 Selfbows
Brock's 1st Bendy Selfbow kill 8 14-Jan-24 Selfbows
Best type of hickory 12 05-Jan-24 Selfbows
Latest bow I worked on 56 04-Jan-24 Selfbows
2 bows - trying with resized photos 11 01-Jan-24 Selfbows
2 New Builds from an Old Member 17 22-Dec-23 Selfbows

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