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Topic Count Date Category
Bullseye's bad for hunters? 24 24-Apr-18 Shooting
arrows porpoise 6 24-Apr-18 Shooting
BigJims has a shoot this weekend! 3 24-Apr-18 Shooting
Shooting out the front door 27 23-Apr-18 Shooting
Royal Rounds 60/ 80/ 100 14 23-Apr-18 Shooting
Death gripping a bow? 10 22-Apr-18 Shooting
can an arrow from a recurve pass through 34 22-Apr-18 Shooting
FIRST SHOT. . . . . Weekend April 21-22 23 22-Apr-18 Shooting
ARROWCHUCKER , thank you!!!!!! 6 21-Apr-18 Shooting
Iowa Traditional Annual Shoot 7 21-Apr-18 Shooting
50's style recurve harder to shoot then 22 21-Apr-18 Shooting
FIRST SHOT...........Friday, Apr 20th 12 20-Apr-18 Shooting
FIRST SHOT.........Thursday, Apr 19th 15 19-Apr-18 Shooting
Not sure what to do 20 19-Apr-18 Shooting
Mechanical releases for recurves... 19 18-Apr-18 Shooting
FIRST SHOT..........Wednesday Apr 18th 12 18-Apr-18 Shooting
B@A Spring Trad Shoot 8 18-Apr-18 Shooting
Centerline Question 6 17-Apr-18 Shooting
FIRST SHOT...........Tuesday Apr 17th 16 17-Apr-18 Shooting
Silent Alarm 31 17-Apr-18 Shooting
torquing my bow on release 26 17-Apr-18 Shooting
4 days on the road 9 16-Apr-18 Shooting
Stress Training 13 16-Apr-18 Shooting
FIRST SHOT...........Monday April 16th 21 16-Apr-18 Shooting
Looking for a Coach 6 16-Apr-18 Shooting
Arrow flight help 19 16-Apr-18 Shooting
Bow - arrow - tuneing 9 15-Apr-18 Shooting
Help me get set up please 26 15-Apr-18 Shooting
Coaches in northern VA 1 14-Apr-18 Shooting
German archers 43 14-Apr-18 Shooting
Help with new longbow 22 14-Apr-18 Shooting
SRF&BARESHAFT 8 14-Apr-18 Shooting
First shot of the day 10 14-Apr-18 Shooting
Instinctive accuracy 55 12-Apr-18 Shooting
Tiller Bolts 8 11-Apr-18 Shooting
A simple matter 7 11-Apr-18 Shooting
Set-up for Stumping Newbie 48 10-Apr-18 Shooting
STAR Method Revealed! 25 10-Apr-18 Shooting
canting various distances longbow ? 39 09-Apr-18 Shooting
overdrawing? 9 09-Apr-18 Shooting

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