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Topic Count Date Category
FIRST SHOT...........Friday, Jan 22nd 13 22-Jan-21 Shooting
High or low wrist- is one more forgiving 44 22-Jan-21 Shooting
2021 Tennessee Pre Spring Arrow Fling 100 22-Jan-21 Shooting
tuning bear super mag 13 22-Jan-21 Shooting
Shorter draw than thought 56 22-Jan-21 Shooting
Schafer rest or shelf? 28 22-Jan-21 Shooting
FIRST SHOT.......Thursday, Jan 21st 18 21-Jan-21 Shooting
FIRST SHOT.........Wednesday, Jan 20th 16 20-Jan-21 Shooting
FIRST SHOT...........Tuesday, Jan 19th 13 19-Jan-21 Shooting
Lemme ‘splain this to you this way.... 58 19-Jan-21 Shooting
NFAA Las Vegas $5 chip 4 19-Jan-21 Shooting
FIRST SHOT...........Monday, Jan 18th 16 18-Jan-21 Shooting
Looking For A String Maker 40 15-Jan-21 Shooting
New to me recurve 15 15-Jan-21 Shooting
Posi-Grip 23 13-Jan-21 Shooting
See arrow or not? 20 13-Jan-21 Shooting
How do You Aim/or Not? 45 13-Jan-21 Shooting
shooting through pain 61 13-Jan-21 Shooting
how many here shoot barebow tournaments 21 13-Jan-21 Shooting
Advise on fixed crawl 10 12-Jan-21 Shooting
Roots? 3 12-Jan-21 Shooting
Hoss archery 6 11-Jan-21 Shooting
TwinOaks schedule for 2021 14 11-Jan-21 Shooting
FIRST SHOT.........Weekend - Jan 9-10th 14 10-Jan-21 Shooting
FIRST SHOT...........Friday, Jan 8th 10 08-Jan-21 Shooting
FIRST SHOT.......Thursday, Jan 7th 18 07-Jan-21 Shooting
TBOF Charity shoot Ocala 2 07-Jan-21 Shooting
divider on split finger tab helpful ? 39 07-Jan-21 Shooting
FIRST SHOT.........Wednesday, Jan 6th 11 06-Jan-21 Shooting
Paul Schafer's shooting 29 05-Jan-21 Shooting
FIRST SHOT...........Tuesday, Jan 5th 14 05-Jan-21 Shooting
Question about SRF sight. 7 05-Jan-21 Shooting
FIRST SHOT...........Monday, Jan 4th 12 04-Jan-21 Shooting
3 under, lower nock or no? 41 03-Jan-21 Shooting
Junk yard Total Gym 19 02-Jan-21 Shooting
Fun shooting games 26 02-Jan-21 Shooting
POINT ON's as in Plural. 88 01-Jan-21 Shooting
Split finger to 3 under 35 31-Dec-20 Shooting
Your introduction to "real" bows! 37 31-Dec-20 Shooting
You can’t handle the truth! 88 30-Dec-20 Shooting

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