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Topic Count Date Category
arrow kicking left.. 17 20-Aug-17 Shooting
Nocking point position 6 20-Aug-17 Shooting
advice on clickers? type and set up? 11 20-Aug-17 Shooting
Heres the new satori 39 20-Aug-17 Shooting
interesting spine problem.... 19 20-Aug-17 Shooting
How far away from target do you shoot? 76 20-Aug-17 Shooting
What do you use for moving targets? 28 19-Aug-17 Shooting
Insert advice 5 19-Aug-17 Shooting
New satori 8 18-Aug-17 Shooting
1st group this morning with satori 36 18-Aug-17 Shooting
Question? Need an explanation 10 18-Aug-17 Shooting
Satory string 18 18-Aug-17 Shooting
What is a "marked" 3D ? 51 17-Aug-17 Shooting
Shooting different draw weights 31 17-Aug-17 Shooting
Kids "2 D" Shoot 22 16-Aug-17 Shooting
Which Glue?? 26 16-Aug-17 Shooting
accurate recurve shelf ? 81 15-Aug-17 Shooting
Any news from the Muzzy Stump Shoot ?? 4 14-Aug-17 Shooting
Arm Slap With New Strings? 19 14-Aug-17 Shooting
arrow hitting shelf 20 14-Aug-17 Shooting
FIRST SHOT.........Weekend Aug 12-13 52 14-Aug-17 Shooting
negatives 32" rookie shafts? 5 14-Aug-17 Shooting
Feathers 11 14-Aug-17 Shooting
New video of a great 3D shoot, watch it 19 13-Aug-17 Shooting
Im glad I dont 1 13-Aug-17 Shooting
Flipper style 14 13-Aug-17 Shooting
Elbow pain 3 13-Aug-17 Shooting
something is easier with thumb ring? 1 13-Aug-17 Shooting
Tab use 6 13-Aug-17 Shooting
Carbon or wood 10 13-Aug-17 Shooting
Need a question answered 34 12-Aug-17 Shooting
Sugru Rubber grip on longbow? 12 12-Aug-17 Shooting
Satori arrived 5 12-Aug-17 Shooting
Nock points.. 27 11-Aug-17 Shooting
FIRST SHOT...........Friday Aug 11th 31 11-Aug-17 Shooting
How do you hold your bow? 21 11-Aug-17 Shooting
Big thanks to Craig (aka Monkeyball) 16 11-Aug-17 Shooting
FIRST SHOT..........Thursday, Aug 10th 23 10-Aug-17 Shooting
Hoyt recurve 10 10-Aug-17 Shooting
insect repellent 59 10-Aug-17 Shooting

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