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Topic Count Date Category
FIRST SHOT.......Weekend - Aug 17-18th 17 17-Aug-19 Shooting
19" IFL risers compatible w/ Border Hex 19 17-Aug-19 Shooting
FIRST SHOT...........Friday, August 16th 15 16-Aug-19 Shooting
Drop your breakthrough 23 16-Aug-19 Shooting
String silencer wear at top. 15 15-Aug-19 Shooting
Idiot Proof Archery book pass a long 44 15-Aug-19 Shooting
FIRST SHOT.........Thursday, August 15th 7 15-Aug-19 Shooting
Do you need an arm guard? 81 15-Aug-19 Shooting
how figure out BRACE HEIGHT 41 15-Aug-19 Shooting
FIRST SHOT.......Wednesday, August 14th 16 15-Aug-19 Shooting
**Cause of Target Panic** 266 14-Aug-19 Shooting
3D courses that you won't shoot!!! 61 14-Aug-19 Shooting
GLLI 2019 16 14-Aug-19 Shooting
Jenkins & Blackmon Teaming with The Push 59 13-Aug-19 Shooting
FIRST SHOT.........Tuesday, August 13th 10 13-Aug-19 Shooting
Another arm guard thread? 6 13-Aug-19 Shooting
Elm Hall stick bow shoot. 138 13-Aug-19 Shooting
FIRST SHOT...........Monday, August 12th 11 12-Aug-19 Shooting
The "modern" 3d shooter 51 10-Aug-19 Shooting
Forbe's Shoot 1 10-Aug-19 Shooting
bypass surgery and shooting 17 10-Aug-19 Shooting
Best 48” target 9 09-Aug-19 Shooting
Glove vs tab speed 23 08-Aug-19 Shooting
Bear TD A Riser 10 08-Aug-19 Shooting
FIRST SHOT.......Weekend - August 3-4 15 04-Aug-19 Shooting
See my point? 32 04-Aug-19 Shooting
Why bother practicing? 86 03-Aug-19 Shooting
ETAR 2019-Well, How Was It? 8 03-Aug-19 Shooting
A huge confidence booster 14 03-Aug-19 Shooting
FIRST SHOT...........Friday, August 2nd 9 02-Aug-19 Shooting
Ojibwa Trad Shoot New Berlin, WI 14 02-Aug-19 Shooting
2020 World Field Champs, Estonia 7 02-Aug-19 Shooting
Benefits of picking a spot 29 02-Aug-19 Shooting
FIRST SHOT.........Thursday, August 1st 10 01-Aug-19 Shooting
FIRST SHOT.........Wednesday, July 31st 7 31-Jul-19 Shooting
Old Mans Relaxation 11 31-Jul-19 Shooting
FIRST SHOT...........Tuesday, July 30th 12 30-Jul-19 Shooting
Archery, A true Joy! 8 30-Jul-19 Shooting
When you release.... 24 30-Jul-19 Shooting
String slap on bow hand 12 29-Jul-19 Shooting

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