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Topic Count Date Category
Asain syle bamboo floor board horse bow 26 20-Jan-21 Selfbows
Who got you interested in self bows 60 19-Jan-21 Selfbows
Limb bows ? 1 19-Jan-21 Selfbows
Selfbow Harvests 2020 62 15-Jan-21 Selfbows
KYTradfest 2021 28 15-Jan-21 Selfbows
Cabinet scrapers 51 13-Jan-21 Selfbows
Best Selfbow Builder 74 12-Jan-21 Selfbows
Primitive Arrows 71 11-Jan-21 Selfbows
Linen backed Osage needs help 36 05-Jan-21 Selfbows
Drying Hickory Staves 8 05-Jan-21 Selfbows
Fear Not Old Tree 15 04-Jan-21 Selfbows
oak horse bow,arrows,quiver 15 03-Jan-21 Selfbows
New longbow 26 02-Jan-21 Selfbows
Bending static recurves 101 309 31-Dec-20 Selfbows
sinew backed Elm bow 15 28-Dec-20 Selfbows
Selfbow marked SK? 16 28-Dec-20 Selfbows
3 white Oak covid bows 18 21-Dec-20 Selfbows
Oil, or finish for old sinew backed osag 14 21-Dec-20 Selfbows
my Ed Scott Ishi bow 43 17-Dec-20 Selfbows
selfbow first buck 68 16-Dec-20 Selfbows
Bow give away opinions 46 10-Dec-20 Selfbows
Reducing the belly 101 28 10-Dec-20 Selfbows
Chasing a ring 101 122 08-Dec-20 Selfbows
3 Hickory bows 29 07-Dec-20 Selfbows
Pushing the limits 32 06-Dec-20 Selfbows
raise poundage by shortening? how much? 21 04-Dec-20 Selfbows
selfbow questions? 8 04-Dec-20 Selfbows
Handle & fades 23 03-Dec-20 Selfbows
Osage or Hickory 30 03-Dec-20 Selfbows
Osage source ? 7 30-Nov-20 Selfbows
Primitive Archer? 36 30-Nov-20 Selfbows
Who collects selfbows? 97 30-Nov-20 Selfbows
wood bows held at full draw 25 30-Nov-20 Selfbows
Hazel - Second Try 18 28-Nov-20 Selfbows
Happy Thanksgiving 10 26-Nov-20 Selfbows
Happy Thanksgiving 6 26-Nov-20 Selfbows
osage question..... 8 26-Nov-20 Selfbows
string length? 3 25-Nov-20 Selfbows
Favorite self bow design 24 23-Nov-20 Selfbows
BBO boyer question 10 23-Nov-20 Selfbows

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