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Topic Count Date Category
Titebond for handles 28 15-Jan-19 Selfbows
Yew Stave 11 15-Jan-19 Selfbows
Juniper help 16 15-Jan-19 Selfbows
Pearl Drums question 24 10-Jan-19 Selfbows
Recommendations English longbow 9 07-Jan-19 Selfbows
Some questions on board bow 40 07-Jan-19 Selfbows
Penobscot,Mic Mac war bows??? 25 06-Jan-19 Selfbows
Osage Longbow with Rattler skins 60#@31" 25 04-Jan-19 Selfbows
edge grain black Locust self bow 23 04-Jan-19 Selfbows
Best finish for ipe 10 04-Jan-19 Selfbows
1st self bow and need advice 13 04-Jan-19 Selfbows
Need a new draw knife 17 03-Jan-19 Selfbows
Canary wood selfbow 5 30-Dec-18 Selfbows
Beaver tail grip 21 29-Dec-18 Selfbows
Self Bowyers in England? 9 28-Dec-18 Selfbows
Ironwood Selfbow 50 27-Dec-18 Selfbows
Self bow how to 12 25-Dec-18 Selfbows
Moisture percentage 103 21-Dec-18 Selfbows
Self Bow Kills 165 18-Dec-18 Selfbows
Self bow typical speed? 66 16-Dec-18 Selfbows
California Native American Bow 22 15-Dec-18 Selfbows
Osage Recurve with some Arrows 46 14-Dec-18 Selfbows
Plains indian bow, arrows, and quiver 29 12-Dec-18 Selfbows
Bug control on osage staves 4 11-Dec-18 Selfbows
Plains indian bow, arrows ,an quiver 14 10-Dec-18 Selfbows
Does anyone know who this is standing ne 17 04-Dec-18 Selfbows
American Hornbeam bows 17 01-Dec-18 Selfbows
Osage Character Bow 56#@28" 39 30-Nov-18 Selfbows
Lucked into a very cool selfbow 46 29-Nov-18 Selfbows
my old hackberry self bow 16 29-Nov-18 Selfbows
Darn self bow guys 41 27-Nov-18 Selfbows
Selfbow vice or bench? 18 27-Nov-18 Selfbows
tool kit 7 26-Nov-18 Selfbows
Osage orange near Dundee Ohio 2 22-Nov-18 Selfbows
Antler Tip Overlays 5 21-Nov-18 Selfbows
Antler Tip Overlays 9 21-Nov-18 Selfbows
Head treat or not 17 19-Nov-18 Selfbows
Self Bow Harvests and Strories 2018 41 14-Nov-18 Selfbows
Osage English Longbow 25 05-Nov-18 Selfbows
Self bow by friends! 31 31-Oct-18 Selfbows

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