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Topic Count Date Category
Another ELB gem from John Strunk 15 12-Apr-21 Selfbows
KYTradfest 2021 96 12-Apr-21 Selfbows
Selfbow stave bandsaw 28 11-Apr-21 Selfbows
46 in osage sinew backed recurve,,55@ 23 42 08-Apr-21 Selfbows
Book Giveaway 72 07-Apr-21 Selfbows
First Osage Bow 60 27-Mar-21 Selfbows
Yew Log 6 19-Mar-21 Selfbows
Cutting osage 63 17-Mar-21 Selfbows
Hickory Flatbow 20 15-Mar-21 Selfbows
Outdoor shop is open again 8 14-Mar-21 Selfbows
Light weight self bow? 15 12-Mar-21 Selfbows
Finished Osage bow. Tiller question 45 11-Mar-21 Selfbows
Self bow string question 15 10-Mar-21 Selfbows
Self bow 21 10-Mar-21 Selfbows
Confirmation on bow identification 7 07-Mar-21 Selfbows
New English Longbow 33 04-Mar-21 Selfbows
Aldo Leopold on bowmaking - 1934 23 02-Mar-21 Selfbows
Staining raw hide backing 13 02-Mar-21 Selfbows
Selfbow makers in northeast pa 4 27-Feb-21 Selfbows
backing material: african yellow wood 9 26-Feb-21 Selfbows
Who collects selfbows? 115 23-Feb-21 Selfbows
American or English long bow? 58 22-Feb-21 Selfbows
Sinew backed yew 19 20-Feb-21 Selfbows
Reheat Osage 13 17-Feb-21 Selfbows
Self bow questions 37 13-Feb-21 Selfbows
Eastern Red Cedar flooring 16 10-Feb-21 Selfbows
Shades of osage 47 09-Feb-21 Selfbows
Any bowyers out there in eastern pa 10 08-Feb-21 Selfbows
Selfbow Harvests 2020 73 07-Feb-21 Selfbows
Do you remember? 23 05-Feb-21 Selfbows
Horse bows for Hickory 21 04-Feb-21 Selfbows
Best Selfbow Builder 77 04-Feb-21 Selfbows
New member - Recurve restoration ?? 29 28-Jan-21 Selfbows
Well looking for ASL and end up with 28 25-Jan-21 Selfbows
Green cedar 8 25-Jan-21 Selfbows
hickory sinew bow for friend,, 17 24-Jan-21 Selfbows
Asain syle bamboo floor board horse bow 26 20-Jan-21 Selfbows
Who got you interested in self bows 60 19-Jan-21 Selfbows
Limb bows ? 1 19-Jan-21 Selfbows
Cabinet scrapers 51 13-Jan-21 Selfbows

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