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Topic Count Date Category
leather dye under snake skins? 10 28-May-20 Selfbows
Fractured ribs/ shooting / building bows 18 28-May-20 Selfbows
A new mulberry bow 30 26-May-20 Selfbows
Black Hornet or Stinger 20 26-May-20 Selfbows
a question for selfbow makers 17 25-May-20 Selfbows
Shop Layout 2 25-May-20 Selfbows
Is Unibond 800 compared to Urac 185 5 24-May-20 Selfbows
Tillering gizmos for selfbow makers 17 24-May-20 Selfbows
Arvin the Bowyer 18 20-May-20 Selfbows
what rattlecan clearcoat for bow finish? 46 13-May-20 Selfbows
Reasonable Osage Stave Price 18 13-May-20 Selfbows
It's a string Jim but not as we know it 22 12-May-20 Selfbows
Selfbow question 19 12-May-20 Selfbows
To back or not... 9 11-May-20 Selfbows
White Oak Selfbow ? 19 11-May-20 Selfbows
And you think you are having a bad day.. 20 09-May-20 Selfbows
Snaky Boardbow 18 09-May-20 Selfbows
Longbow Soap Opera 7 06-May-20 Selfbows
Getting better. 19 05-May-20 Selfbows
Heavy string vibration on selfbow 13 02-May-20 Selfbows
Good book on sellfbows 32 01-May-20 Selfbows
ERC bow build help 12 29-Apr-20 Selfbows
DIY bamboo bow build. 5 29-Apr-20 Selfbows
Speed test of Mary Rose Replica bows 42 28-Apr-20 Selfbows
veneers on a board bow?...yes....BUT! :) 6 28-Apr-20 Selfbows
L.E. Stemmler logo 11 21-Apr-20 Selfbows
beautiful veneers on a board bow?..YEP!! 41 21-Apr-20 Selfbows
Fumed Osage Selfbow 57 16-Apr-20 Selfbows
The rule of thumb is? 12 15-Apr-20 Selfbows
Dual Boardbow 11 14-Apr-20 Selfbows
Fascinated with selfbows 53 12-Apr-20 Selfbows
Swap bow build 46 10-Apr-20 Selfbows
First Board Bow. Looking for advice. 13 10-Apr-20 Selfbows
draw knife? 27 10-Apr-20 Selfbows
Help ID'ing bow 5 07-Apr-20 Selfbows
I struck gold! 24 03-Apr-20 Selfbows
Quarantine Bow Build 2020 52 02-Apr-20 Selfbows
Three piece take down 35 02-Apr-20 Selfbows
Why and how? Heat treating. 12 02-Apr-20 Selfbows
All done the new turkey thumper . 15 27-Mar-20 Selfbows

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