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Topic Count Date Category
Selfbow shooting 33 17-Aug-19 Selfbows
Backwards selfbow 24 15-Aug-19 Selfbows
All dressed up 13 15-Aug-19 Selfbows
Who is your favorite elb bowyer/bows 41 14-Aug-19 Selfbows
Sinew backed American horn beam bow 26 13-Aug-19 Selfbows
Bow Building classes? 18 09-Aug-19 Selfbows
Selfbow for long draw 17 08-Aug-19 Selfbows
Leather dye on bows 25 01-Aug-19 Selfbows
Ironwood Bow with Rattlesnake Skins 30 01-Aug-19 Selfbows
Old bow help 8 31-Jul-19 Selfbows
Osage Bow with Sturgeon Accents 45#@28" 28 29-Jul-19 Selfbows
Sturgeon Backed Yew Bow 55 27-Jul-19 Selfbows
Osage help 19 26-Jul-19 Selfbows
Native west coast bow, 30 25-Jul-19 Selfbows
Mojam 2019 ??? 71 25-Jul-19 Selfbows
Future Archers of America 20 18-Jul-19 Selfbows
Construction site osage 19 14-Jul-19 Selfbows
Yew reflex/deflex Mike LaBrake self-bow 3 14-Jul-19 Selfbows
fast flight on self bow ? 28 12-Jul-19 Selfbows
First attempt at hhb selfbow 92 12-Jul-19 Selfbows
Paul c. Hougham 7 08-Jul-19 Selfbows
Future Archers of America 5 05-Jul-19 Selfbows
Hickory self bow and chrony 14 01-Jul-19 Selfbows
self bow 11 30-Jun-19 Selfbows
Snakey Osage Bow with Copperhead Skins 66 29-Jun-19 Selfbows
Friends new boardbow 13 23-Jun-19 Selfbows
Board Bows? 23 16-Jun-19 Selfbows
4" reflex 34 16-Jun-19 Selfbows
Burnt Offering 46 13-Jun-19 Selfbows
Tilering gizmos for St Jude 29 04-Jun-19 Selfbows
Year of the Spirit Dancer. 21 03-Jun-19 Selfbows
Advice on repair and restore 37 03-Jun-19 Selfbows
Primitive Archery Meet 32 29-May-19 Selfbows
adding a shelf 14 28-May-19 Selfbows
Tillering gizmo 3 25-May-19 Selfbows
Question about self bow wood 33 24-May-19 Selfbows
Beaver tail grip 25 17-May-19 Selfbows
Splitting an Elm log for selfbows 55 17-May-19 Selfbows
Tiller point for longer top limb? 11 15-May-19 Selfbows
surprise on drawlength 92 11-May-19 Selfbows

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