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Topic Count Date Category
Back to the Leatherwall after 15+ years 26 21-Sep-18 Selfbows
Aldred update- We got a SHOOTER! 18 19-Sep-18 Selfbows
Anyone try the u finish self bows 8 16-Sep-18 Selfbows
Darn self bow guys 36 13-Sep-18 Selfbows
Decided to start first bow 104 11-Sep-18 Selfbows
Damn selfies 2 08-Sep-18 Selfbows
Self Bow Kills 68 05-Sep-18 Selfbows
Pacific Yew Hollow Limb Bow 50#@28" 82 29-Aug-18 Selfbows
Ash flat bow 22 28-Aug-18 Selfbows
Simply Orange 37 27-Aug-18 Selfbows
Tuning a selfbow 20 26-Aug-18 Selfbows
Let see some more of those self bows 160 26-Aug-18 Selfbows
Sourcing bow staves 9 08-Aug-18 Selfbows
Mulberry knotty limb stave? 8 08-Aug-18 Selfbows
Primitive arrows 18 03-Aug-18 Selfbows
Bowyers in rapid city SD? 9 02-Aug-18 Selfbows
Taking deer with knapped heads 33 29-Jul-18 Selfbows
osage staves 17 28-Jul-18 Selfbows
1st Annual Mojam Broadhead Flightshoot 68 27-Jul-18 Selfbows
MoJam-the Original Selfbow Jamboree-7/20 62 26-Jul-18 Selfbows
Lucked into a very cool selfbow 27 23-Jul-18 Selfbows
Speaking of Yew! 21 19-Jul-18 Selfbows
Jim Rempp vs James Rempp 9 19-Jul-18 Selfbows
Next - self-bow Hop HornBeam 123 18-Jul-18 Selfbows
Bow Woods 5 18-Jul-18 Selfbows
First purchased Osage Selfbow 35 18-Jul-18 Selfbows
Ed Scott selfbow 3 17-Jul-18 Selfbows
Playing with "Grandpa's Toy" 26 16-Jul-18 Selfbows
Shouldn't have done that 14 16-Jul-18 Selfbows
Red oak staves... 1 10-Jul-18 Selfbows
ID a couple wood bows 13 04-Jul-18 Selfbows
Yew stave twist 6 02-Jul-18 Selfbows
American or English long bow? 55 02-Jul-18 Selfbows
Cherry for serlf bow? 14 28-Jun-18 Selfbows
Best backing material? 13 24-Jun-18 Selfbows
the New MoJam selfbow jamboree page 166 24-Jun-18 Selfbows
edge grain bows 10 23-Jun-18 Selfbows
belly heat treat cheating or not 38 21-Jun-18 Selfbows
how long until it is ready 6 21-Jun-18 Selfbows
Low brace!! 21 21-Jun-18 Selfbows

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