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short recurve 22-Sep-22
selstickbow 22-Sep-22
fdp 23-Sep-22
ca 23-Sep-22
felipe 23-Sep-22
longshot1959 23-Sep-22
Brian waters 23-Sep-22
2 bears 23-Sep-22
1buckurout 23-Sep-22
From: short recurve
Date: 22-Sep-22

Just wonder if anybody has knowledge of a 17" ILF riser with long limbs which would make a 62" AMO.Is it smooth nice draw easy to control etc.Thanks.

From: selstickbow
Date: 22-Sep-22

yes, I've had quite a few different 17" ILF risers, and DAS also, with longs. Generically, yes they do draw nice & smooth, but all limbs are not created equal, and if you get too heavy you can still (naturally) over-bow yourself. ALSO, generically, if you have a long draw length and run with bolts mostly down, you can (of course) from time to time still get into stacking. Different 17" risers can have different limb pad angles from others, so it can come into ply as well. I hope I've explained SOME of this well enough.

From: fdp
Date: 23-Sep-22

The problem is most of those questions are subjective.

Most limbs draw smoorh within a range but some load early in the draw and some late. And that changes the feel for people.

I'm not sure what "easy to handle" means.

From: ca
Date: 23-Sep-22

´The problem is most of those questions are subjective.´´

Dead center 1000%

From: felipe
Date: 23-Sep-22

I a smooth draw is your top priority give Uukha limbs a try.

From: longshot1959
Date: 23-Sep-22

Your draw length has everything to do with this. ILF can give you a smooth draw AND good performance if you use the right riser/limb combination.

From: Brian waters
Date: 23-Sep-22

Longer = smoother

From: 2 bears
Date: 23-Sep-22

It is what makes the right combo so hard to choose when you can't try them all. >>>---> Ken

From: 1buckurout
Date: 23-Sep-22

Jason Wesbrock is one of the best barebow shooters in the country. His hunting bow is (or at least was) a 17" Tradtech Titan with long Winex limbs. He has a 31" draw length and he gets along fine with it.

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