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Code of Conduct for the Leatherwall

The popularity of our archery related sites have necessitated a list of rules that all contributors to this forum must adhere to. These rules are to ensure that people participating in these forums are treated with respect and enjoy a positive experience. The rules are incontestable. People found in violation of this code may have their names removed from the database. Second offenders may be unable to make future contributions or visits.

There are a number of editors who monitor this forum. While we strive for fairness and objectivity, editing is a subjective process that is not perfect - and may seem inconsistent from editor to editor. We simply can not catch every violation of our rules with the hundreds of posts made each day. For this reason, we ask that you assist us by reporting violators to our policy at [email protected]. Posts that are visible do not necessarily mean that they have been reviewed by our editors and meet our criteria for acceptance.

Contributions to this system by our visitors do not necessarily reflect the views of,, our advertisers, our editors, or any other entity affiliated with the PLNet LLC companies. We make no assertions to their credibility, truthfulness, or accuracy. All contributions are the responsibility of the person who submitted them as stated in their registration and posting agreement.

The staff of The Bowsite and Stickbow reserve the right to remove any post, topic, or person for any reason we see fit, and to allow exceptions to this policy at any time at our discretion.

 1. No Profanity. This includes cursing, sexual innuendo, vulgar statements
 2. No Threatening, harassing, or abusive remarks.
 3. No discussion, or challenge, to our editing policy are allowed within the conferences. If you disagree, or want clarification as to why a particular topic, post, or person was removed, you are required to e-mail us at [email protected]. We will not respond to any inquiries or challenges on our public forums however we will respond to e-mail or private message inquiries.

All topics must be related to traditional archery, or traditional bowhunting.

Discussions on anything other than tradtional archery or bowhunting can be made at the's Community forum only. The Leatherwall is restricted to traditional archery topics only.


No Advertising.

This includes both commercial, nonprofit, and classified ads. We have programs available for organizations, commercial businesses, and an extensive auction/classified ad section. Sponsors of the Bowsite and our related sites are granted permission to advertise their goods and services on our conferences.

An ad is defined as any post, topic, or blatant attempt to solicit business. An individual may respond, however, to a question on how to contact a business along with responses to inquiries on products or services. Suspicious contributions will be removed at the staffs' discretion.


Full Identification is required

We require your proper first and last name, and email address in order to use our forums. Non-compliance with this rule will result in an immediate removal of your current and future privileges. This is to ensure credibility and responsibility for your messages.


Contributors who are argumentative, intolerant, confrontational, and lack respect for others will be removed. While debate is often healthy, habitual debaters and people who seek confrontation will be removed and potentially blocked from making future contributions. This is necessary to ensure a positive experience for the great majority of our visitors.

8. Private Messaging - our private messaging system can be used for personal 1 to 1 messaging on any topics you may choose. All other rules above apply.

Guide to Photographs
 Forum Topics allowed
 Photo Size Photos can not exceed 500 pixels in width
 Photo File Size Photos can not exceed 50k (50,000 bytes) in file size
 Unacceptable Photos Photos not related to traditional archery or bowhunting, photos which show graphic or gruesome scenes, photos of a sexual or demeaning nature towards any race, sex, or religion.

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