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FIRST SHOT.......Thursday, Sept 22nd

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CD 22-Sep-22
Yooper-traveler 22-Sep-22
Snow Crow 22-Sep-22
felipe 22-Sep-22
Knifeguy 22-Sep-22
9/10 Broke 22-Sep-22
From: CD
Date: 22-Sep-22

Today's shot will be 20 yards, but hold at half draw for a count of 4 before finishing your shot.

God bless,


From: Yooper-traveler
Date: 22-Sep-22

Yooper-traveler's embedded Photo

As called with broadhead, Bear K4

From: Snow Crow
Date: 22-Sep-22

Snow Crow's embedded Photo

Heinous half draw hold from 20, as called.

Thanks CD!

55# Montana, 29" .500 carbon, 250 grain point, 520 grain total arrow weight, 24% FOC, 3x Blazer vanes.

From: felipe
Date: 22-Sep-22

felipe's embedded Photo

Pegged the bear, I think I was 4 seconds at full draw also. Field pointed cedar from the 68” Border LB.

From: Knifeguy
Date: 22-Sep-22

Knifeguy's embedded Photo

Thanks CD! I was wondering when you’d get back to the old “shake and shoot”! 47# Bear K-Mag and a cedar arrow. And an unintentional mini rainbow too! Have a good rest of your day everyone! Lance

From: 9/10 Broke
Date: 22-Sep-22

9/10 Broke's embedded Photo

Nice shooting up there guys.

I had forgotten about a case of Bear Razorhead tipped Browning woodies I got from fritz on here about a year or so ago and they shoot really well out of the Northern Mist Superior. I’ll be chasing deer with this set up in a couple more weeks.

Happy hunting to everyone whose chase has already begun and thanks for making the call Chad.

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