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Removing fletch glue woodgrain carbons

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crazyjjk 23-Jun-22
JusPassin 23-Jun-22
Kanati 23-Jun-22
bodymanbowyer 23-Jun-22
Live2Hunt 23-Jun-22
Maynard 23-Jun-22
crazyjjk 23-Jun-22
Kisatchie 23-Jun-22
crazyjjk 23-Jun-22
Wapiti - - M. S. 23-Jun-22
bentstick54 23-Jun-22
mahantango 24-Jun-22
Retired stick 25-Jun-22
felipe 25-Jun-22
M60gunner 25-Jun-22
David McLendon 25-Jun-22
BigJim 26-Jun-22
Mahantango 26-Jun-22
From: crazyjjk
Date: 23-Jun-22

What should I use to remove fletch glue from wood grain carbons that won't remove the woodgrain finish?

From: JusPassin
Date: 23-Jun-22

I use a utility knife with a carpet blade and scrape very carefully.

From: Kanati
Date: 23-Jun-22

Thats why i started using wraps on my carbons. You can get clear wraps for the wood grain look arrows.

From: bodymanbowyer
Date: 23-Jun-22

Yeppers another plus on using wraps for woodgrain carbon. I do. JF

From: Live2Hunt
Date: 23-Jun-22

The best thing I used was a fletching remover with that curved blade. But, that did not work well either. Wraps or use tape instead of glue. I started using tape. Have had no problems and I can remove the fletch with a piece of dental floss.

From: Maynard
Date: 23-Jun-22

I use a 45-70 empty case. I flatten out and scrape the the. Glue with No problem brass cartridge dosent Mare the carbon shaft. Works for Me

From: crazyjjk
Date: 23-Jun-22


From: Kisatchie
Date: 23-Jun-22


Gold tip recommends acetone. If your shooting a brand of carbon that is damaged by acetone I’d quit buying them. You can take fletched arrows put them in a glass jar with acetone and the glue will dissolve the feathers will be floating in the jar arrows clean as new, zero damage to shaft or wood grain finish.

From: crazyjjk
Date: 23-Jun-22

Acetone worked great! Thanks

From: Wapiti - - M. S. Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 23-Jun-22

Crazyjjk x 3 !

From: bentstick54
Date: 23-Jun-22

Yep, I peel the feathers off and then dissolve and wash off any glue residue with acetone. Works great and has never damage the woodgrain finish on my GTs.

From: mahantango
Date: 24-Jun-22

Hmm, anyone know if acetone will harm Dark Timbers?

From: Retired stick
Date: 25-Jun-22

Check with Big Jim he will know.

From: felipe
Date: 25-Jun-22

I use a serrated bread knife, but I don't worry about removing every bit of glue. I do make it smooth and the next quill will usually fit to it. I will say, my arrows are to shoot straight, not to look at...

From: M60gunner
Date: 25-Jun-22

No acetone on those Dark Timbers! I know because I decided to redo a dozen. I had wraps on them and starting to take off wrap residue and noticed the “wood grain “ coming off. No big deal for me as I put new wraps on anyway.

From: David McLendon
Date: 25-Jun-22

I'm pretty sure that I heard no acetone on Dark Timbers when they came out, but on Carbon Express or GT it's the way to go.

From: BigJim Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 26-Jun-22
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So.. the "old" or as of now the only Dark timbers can't handle acetone.. the finish will come off but won't hurt the arrow itself.

However, the new Dark Timbers due in a month or two will be able to handle acetone with out issue.

Thanks, BigJim

From: Mahantango
Date: 26-Jun-22

Thanks guys

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