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FIRST SHOT.......Thursday, June 23rd

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CD 23-Jun-22
Jbranham5173 23-Jun-22
Popester 23-Jun-22
Mtquiver 23-Jun-22
Nemophilist 23-Jun-22
Stick Hippie 23-Jun-22
Snow Crow 23-Jun-22
ShortStick 23-Jun-22
Batman 23-Jun-22
Jbranham5173 23-Jun-22
Flick Stinger 23-Jun-22
Snow Crow 23-Jun-22
EZ Archer 23-Jun-22
Jbranham5173 23-Jun-22
Oly 23-Jun-22
nock nock 23-Jun-22
felipe 23-Jun-22
fishin coyote 23-Jun-22
From: CD
Date: 23-Jun-22

Today's shot will be 18 yards from a sitting or kneeling position with your bow canted hard.

God bless,


From: Jbranham5173
Date: 23-Jun-22

Nice call CD kneeling hard cant Jim reynolds thunderstick 3 64 [email protected] thanks

From: Popester
Date: 23-Jun-22

Popester's embedded Photo

18 yards sitting & kneeling with hard cant. First shot was sitting and went high. Second shot kneeling. (I guess that would be obvious, eh?) I should have taken a mulligan on the first one.

From: Mtquiver
Date: 23-Jun-22

Mtquiver's embedded Photo

Thanks for the call Chad. Sitting position. Bugs, (Skeeters), are horrendous this a.m.

Blessings All - Stay Safe/Shoot Straight. MT

From: Nemophilist
Date: 23-Jun-22

Nemophilist's embedded Photo

18 yards from a sitting and kneeling position with bow canted.

First Shot sitting.

Second Shot kneeling.

1971 Bear Super Magnum, 55#@28", German Spruce Arrows.

From: Stick Hippie
Date: 23-Jun-22

Stick Hippie 's embedded Photo

Just a bit outside, shooting at the golf whiffle ball. This was a fun shot, I routinely shoot from my stool because that’s how I hunt but never cant my bow that much, felt weird trying to reach my anchor, thanks for pushing me to try something else

Black Widow PMA2, 62” and [email protected]

From: Snow Crow
Date: 23-Jun-22

Snow Crow's embedded Photo

As called, thanks CD!

First shot was from a bear squat, white with purple/yellow which grazed the bottlecap. Followed with one each from 3 kneeling positions and one horizontal limb crouch. Dropped the back knee down shot (again), the rest were stuffed in there.

From: ShortStick
Date: 23-Jun-22

ShortStick 's embedded Photo

As called, kneeling from 18 yards horizontal cant."The dot,it mocks me." Thanks CD. Shooting my Big Stick Gremlin 56" 53# @28" Easton 6.5 400's 30.25" 100gr insert 150gr point. Safe and happy shooting shooters.

From: Batman
Date: 23-Jun-22

GREAT SHOOTING! Hope that every body is safe & WELL? Maybe COOL? GOOD HUNTING & BLESSED BE!

From: Jbranham5173
Date: 23-Jun-22

Jbranham5173 's embedded Photo

Sorry forgot pic

From: Flick Stinger
Date: 23-Jun-22

Flick Stinger's embedded Photo

From: Snow Crow
Date: 23-Jun-22

Snow Crow's embedded Photo

Jbranham5173 upright:

From: EZ Archer
Date: 23-Jun-22

EZ Archer's embedded Photo

Kneeling from 18 yds w/hard cant- Pearson Special 7300, thanks CD!

From: Jbranham5173
Date: 23-Jun-22

Thanks snow did not check on it

From: Oly
Date: 23-Jun-22

Oly's embedded Photo

As called, sitting & hard cant… first shot was a bit back but follow ups were pretty good. Shooting 60” Schafer tonight. Y’all have a great evening!

From: nock nock
Date: 23-Jun-22

55# slick stick.

From: felipe
Date: 23-Jun-22

felipe's embedded Photo

From seated on a five gallon bucket I bumped the pine cone. Environmentally stable Cedar arrow and Border carbon LB.

From: fishin coyote
Date: 23-Jun-22

fishin coyote's embedded Photo

As called kneeling, it was a bit low

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