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Arrow recommendation

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Moon 22-Jun-22
Buzz 22-Jun-22
reddogge 22-Jun-22
Snow Crow 22-Jun-22
Pdiddly2 22-Jun-22
tradmt 23-Jun-22
Rocky 24-Jun-22
BigB 24-Jun-22
gluetrap 25-Jun-22
Catskills 25-Jun-22
Yellah Nocks 25-Jun-22
Woodduck 25-Jun-22
From: Moon
Date: 22-Jun-22

I would like your help in selecting an arrow for my 2014 Martin Hunter 62”, [email protected]”. I’m drawing 28” and use a FF string. Don’t shoot it at all since I normally shoot my Palmer.

However it’s a beautiful bow and would like to give it some shooting time. I currently have some 30” 500 carbons but know that they are way too stiff.

I would like to stick to carbons, but am also open to aluminum. I was thinking a 1916 or Carbon 600 at 30”.

Also, I shoot 3 under.

Thanks in advance for your recommendations.

From: Buzz
Date: 22-Jun-22

I use 1916, 30", 125 gr. point on my 40 to 45 pound bows.

Lately it has been carbon gold tip velocity 500s, cut to 28 1/2" on my bows 35 to 45 pounds.

From: reddogge
Date: 22-Jun-22

Try your .500s first, they may work out. Otherwise, go to the .600s or 1916s.

From: Snow Crow
Date: 22-Jun-22

3 Rivers Archery calculator yielded the following numbers for your 40# Martin Hunter drawn 28" with a middle of the road FF string and a 30" generic .500 carbon bareshaft with 125 point:

54.2 Dynamic Spine 54.5 Dynamic Spine These two numbers should be nearly equal (within 2#).

Arrow Total Weight (grains)403

Arrow Specific Weight (GPP)10.1

Front of Center (FOC) %17

Arrow Speed (ft/sec)185

Arrow Energy (ft-lbs)30.6

I'm inclined to agree with reddogge...

From: Pdiddly2
Date: 22-Jun-22

1816's cut to 29" with 125 grain heads would be perfect.

From: tradmt
Date: 23-Jun-22

600 is what I would run, and you could probably have them less than 30” depending on point weight.

From: Rocky
Date: 24-Jun-22

I am using 600 legacy at 30 inches with 145 grain heads. 40 to 45lb. bows.

From: BigB
Date: 24-Jun-22

I have a 45# Yellowstone Hunter that will shoot 29” 600s with 150 grain points or a 500 with 200 grain point so I would try the 500s you have just add some point weight. I have a 28” draw and shoot 29” arrows.

From: gluetrap
Date: 25-Jun-22

gt wariors 600 would be fast out of that setup.

From: Catskills
Date: 25-Jun-22

I use 30 in 1916s for a similar bow as Buzz says. But 2016s also fly well from same bow. I am recently since semi- retired shooting a bunch of different bows so finding arrows which will fly well from multiple bows.

From: Yellah Nocks
Date: 25-Jun-22

I am using gold tip traditional 600's at 30 inches, 100 grain inserts, and 125 grain heads. I too draw 28", and am shooting [email protected] Very good flight off an elevated rest, and penetration is phenomenal.

From: Woodduck
Date: 25-Jun-22

1916 with 125 gr. points. What I shoot 30 1/4" shafts

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