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eagle flight archery quivers

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bluebird 12-May-22
longbow1968 12-May-22
woodshaft 12-May-22
trad archer 1 12-May-22
Lefty38-55 12-May-22
Nemophilist 12-May-22
carpenter 12-May-22
bluebird 12-May-22
Brian waters 12-May-22
Stix 12-May-22
Chas 12-May-22
bowhunt 13-May-22
Caveman 13-May-22
Papadeerhtr 13-May-22
skeetbean 13-May-22
fisherick 13-May-22
DerekMac 13-May-22
bluebird 13-May-22
DerekMac 14-May-22
Nrthernrebel05 15-May-22
Jay B 15-May-22
2FLETCH 16-May-22
bluebird 21-May-22
From: bluebird
Date: 12-May-22

I'm looking at the Eagle Flight Archery EFA 3 arrow short strap on quiver for my NM Baraga and wonder if anyone has experience with this quiver? I like the minimalist approach so i like what I see but don't know anyone who has had one. Also the NM limbs are what they are and my Great Northern just will not work to my satisfaction so those who have used or are using the EFA does it do well on longbow limbs like the NM? Thanks

From: longbow1968
Date: 12-May-22

longbow1968's embedded Photo

I have had the same model for a year or so on my Montana and it has been great. I admit to being skeptical to anything using a velcro closure, but no problems so far. It is certainly worth the cost, which is very fair in my opinion.

From: woodshaft
Date: 12-May-22

Been using one on my Neil Jacobson T/D longbow for several years it has been wonderful. No issues stays in place holds the arrows with broadheads well its light and quiet plus it looks good on the bow. Love mine. Hope this helps. Have a great season. best wishes Steve.

From: trad archer 1
Date: 12-May-22

I have used my EFA on my one piece ASLs and two and 3pc takedown longbows. It stays secure and is light weight. Well built and you can change it to different grippers, limb bolt system etc. A very versatile quiver.

From: Lefty38-55
Date: 12-May-22


From: Nemophilist
Date: 12-May-22

Nemophilist's embedded Photo

I don't own any longbows, but I have a EFA 3 arrow quiver on my Bear Super Magnum recurve and I like it. It's very sturdy and secure and well made. I also like its light weight.

From: carpenter
Date: 12-May-22

I have used mine on ASl's and recurve's no problem. Only bow quiver I like. Light weight, stays in place. I also like the EFA 3 under tab.

From: bluebird
Date: 12-May-22

Boy!! Sold me!!

From: Brian waters
Date: 12-May-22

The totem & kickback options are nice to have for $20 more.

From: Stix
Date: 12-May-22

I got the 4 arrow version. I really like it, better than my selway slide on.

From: Chas
Date: 12-May-22

I use mine from my '57 Bear Kodiak recurve to my Martin Savannah longbow to my Two Tracks Echo ASL. Works like a charm.

From: bowhunt
Date: 13-May-22

Thier nice and go particularly well with traditonal longbows and thier smaller risers.

Not sure if the totem will work on the 3 arrow and its very small hood.Might take up too much space in the hood for 3 broadheads?

I got the kickback option on one of my Eagles Flight quivers.Its functional but not necessary

I mostly shoot a 3 arrow gripper with thier smallest 4 arrow hood for little more room and it does have the kickback option.

Thier all good.Depends what you want with the options they offer.

If I bought a new one I would get a spare piece of hood foam for when you need it after a few years.Thier not expensive.

From: Caveman
Date: 13-May-22

Same experience here. The 3 arrow riveted model is shockingly affordable and works better than any other strap on or slide on quiver I’ve used to date. Lighter and more secure are ether main advantages. 1957 bear Kodiak, O’Brien Wolverine longbow (very narrow limbs), Bodnik Quick Stick and an ASL all handled it well.

From: Papadeerhtr
Date: 13-May-22

I like mine, just bought it last season. Fits well and is nice and compact. Only thing I don't like is it seems to loosen up alot, have to tighten down alot.

From: skeetbean
Date: 13-May-22

I have the two arrow mesa quiver I use on my ASL and like it. Caveman I see you have an O’Brian Wolverine , I’ve had one since the early 90’s Pat build some nice bows. Mine is 66in 50 at 28.

From: fisherick
Date: 13-May-22

I have three EFA quivers. Two are strap on a 3 & 4 arrow quivers and a bolt on 4 arrow quiver all mounted on recurves. I have experienced the strap on models to occasionally slide and expose the broadheads. I have modified these quivers by adding a piece of arrow shaft to connect upper and lower pieces together. Problem solved. I love these quivers.

From: DerekMac
Date: 13-May-22

DerekMac's embedded Photo

I like mine on my NM Sprague.

From: bluebird
Date: 13-May-22

DerekMac that is nice. I shoot 2 blade and will go with the rivet head 3 arrow.

From: DerekMac
Date: 14-May-22

You’ll be happy with it, Jay.

From: Nrthernrebel05
Date: 15-May-22

I prefer them for their light weight and the fact they don’t move. I use the 4 arrow model

From: Jay B
Date: 15-May-22

Love my EF 4, perfect hunting quiver, and doesn’t unbalance the bow.

Date: 16-May-22

It was the goal of EFA to make a quality product that fastened tight to the bow and didn't effect the balance, or accuracy. After 21 years we now have a wide variety of products, but the 3, and 4 arrow Maxi have been the basics. Thanks for your support. We will be open to developing new products, or improving current ones.

From: bluebird
Date: 21-May-22

2FLETCH I got my Mesa 3 arrow quiver and it is just what I was searching for. thanks for a great product. Fits on Baraga perfect with no movement at all and just the right balance. I highly recommend these quivers.

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