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The price of archery equipment

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scndwfstlhntng 15-Jan-22
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George D. Stout 15-Jan-22
Ybuck 15-Jan-22
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Altitude Sickness 16-Jan-22
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From: scndwfstlhntng Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 15-Jan-22

This is really not meant as a complaint. Everyone is feeling the strain and the changes we are going through, due to the stuff that we all collectively know about. It is just that I recently received a master catalog from a well known large ( and quality) traditional archery company (whom I actually did recently buy something from) and was astounded at the pricing.... and then of course add in shipping. I guess that I should just feel fortunate that I have been in it for a long time and have two or more of everything, so that my purchases now are very occasional or spontaneous. I mostly feel badly for people trying to get started or in their first years of pulling their gear together. Just maybe, it is useful to note that there have been recent threads here that discussed "downsizing": ergo the elimination of all that stuff that we think that we "have to have" and carry around with us in the field, that older folks have learned to strip away and leave at home. If we encourage younger people to understand that gadgets and "stuff" doesn't always make for a better experience, just maybe more archers will stay in the game. After all, that is no small thing and the more we make the sport affordable, the larger the community will be (which is good... up to a point)

From: Andy Man
Date: 15-Jan-22

used to buy wood shafts and true flight feathers by a thousand

would have to morage the house to do that today

From: George D. Stout
Date: 15-Jan-22

Most of what people buy nowadays consists of things they really don't need....but they want it. I don't really need anything new so I don't get into that game, and I'm certainly not paying more for a bow than I can buy two rifles and a shotgun for. No pension parachutes at this house so we have learned to be frugal and live within our means over the years, and if push comes to shove in this crazy damn world, we will likely be okay. And we aren't in need of anything either so frivolous spending doesn't happen.

That said, prices are driven by demand so if you stop paying for crap you really can live without, that will ease the burden a bit. I can't think of a thing, archery related, that I would need to buy new. Well, maybe a stilldub string now and again. :)

From: Ybuck
Date: 15-Jan-22

you make some great points for sure!!

i keep telling myself "less is more"....and i do believe it is true(for myself at least))

From: Romanator
Date: 15-Jan-22

Thanks George D. I need to be reminded by your informational posts and common sense, on these topics. I really don't need anything, equipment wise, but....the "want to try" is tough with my Budget. Thanks for all you contribute!

From: Bill Rickvalsky
Date: 15-Jan-22

The truth is that very very few if any of us NEED archery equipment. So it is just a question of what your budget will allow you to spend on a pastime. There are plenty of leisure activities that cost way less.

But those of us here choose to love our bows and arrows and what we do with them. Make what sacrifices you need to in order to keep shooting. Many costs can be reduced in the used market. Bless you if you are fortunate enough to not be concerned about the cost of a new bow. Maybe those of you could share a bow you don't use any more with someone less well off at a bargain price.

From: A Tag
Date: 15-Jan-22

Passing along used bows and other archery equipment is a great idea heaven knows most of us have way to many bows. Maybe guys should post bows and other things there looking for more in the classified. I know if I seen a guy asking for something I have and don’t use I would sell it to them.

From: dnovo Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 15-Jan-22

I got the same catalog in the mail a few days ago. I haven't looked at it yet. The only thing I by any more are some occasional field points or blunts, feathers and nocks. I will buy what I need but usually do so at a shoot or our upcoming banquet. I prefer smaller local vendors when I can and there are lots better deals than the catalog we're looking at.

From: M60gunner
Date: 15-Jan-22

I believe I just got the same catalog. Each year the sticker shock gets a little bit worst. BUT, archery, except for substance hunters is a hobby, a Men’s hobby so prices naturally are more. That’s before we factor in the real cost of the item. I feel fortunate that I can indulge in archery, more so now, no kids, no mortgage, etc than when I was young. I don’t look for “extras” but I look for better quality in what I do buy. Like I bought SS field points instead of the regular black steel ones. But I am not one to turn away from a sale. A whole bunch of my accumulated items came from sales, like feathers. Nothing wrong with being frugal and nothing wrong with some self indulging once in awhile either.

From: 2 bears
Date: 15-Jan-22

There is not really too much in the field of archery that you can't make yourself. Field points & nocks are still cheap enough. They are not hardly worth the DIY route. I do have a couple dozen arrows with self nocks. They work great and are a good winter time project. I do purchase string to build bow strings but it last a long time. >>>----> Ken

From: bluesman
Date: 15-Jan-22

Unfortunately even used Archery gear for us in the North gets expensive because of shipping . In the last 3 years it had more than doubled . To ship a bow to Canada fron USA , your looking at at least 70 US dollars with exchange that’s close to 100 Canadian dollars . We discussed this on another thread … the shipping …. So even if you get a nice deal , it turns not such a deal once you pay to get it here . Side note , I collect vinyl records and the shipping is usually double the cost of the record . Not sure what the solution is in both cases due to a smaller population base ( which is good for most everything other than merchandise) We have less choice on archery gear in our on neck of the woods .

I still have managed to get some great bows , but nowadays I have stopped . I have enough broadheads , arrows , to last awhile , but soon will need more feathers .

From: A Tag
Date: 15-Jan-22

A guy might as well say it, I’m sure about everybody got one. It’s the 3 Rivers catalog. I just went through mine and did notice some price increases. The one thing you have to keep in mind is they are offering free shipping on order over $99 and I’m sure we all try to hit that mark to get free shipping. We all also know shipping costs have increased a lot lately. So if you place a $101 order in might cost $15 to $20 to ship that order. Thats coming out of there profits and has to be accounted for. Nothing is ever free and is kind of a sales gimmick. I normally use a different supply house that charges for shipping but the prices are lower. In most cases the total of both orders, ordering the exact same thing will be about the same or less just paying for shipping. It all depends on order size. It’s just the way their marketing their business to us. Offering something for nothing will always get sales.

From: Jeff Durnell
Date: 15-Jan-22

What George said. I actually can't see myself buying anything from the archery industry, including/especially the traditional sect, in my lifetime. Nothing I need at this point that I won't make better for myself. Bye Phylishia.

It's not that I'm opposed to them per se, I simply don't Need them. And if I don't need them, I don't want them. I'm a minimalist.

From: Jegs.mi Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 15-Jan-22

Cost is going up everywhere. I still support archery business because I want them to be around next year. I do favor the smaller mom and pop business but nobody will be in business with out some profit. Especially if there competing with black hunter bows and Chinese labor. Yes I know my phone was made in China. I support us based archery because I don't want to order everything from China in 5 year's.

From: cut it out
Date: 15-Jan-22

My goal this year is not to buy anything. I have plenty everything. Maybe a few strings but that’s it. I have a new dozen shafts to make but have everything to make them So I’m done spending this year as of Right NOW. LOL

From: Supernaut
Date: 15-Jan-22

Buy it, make it or go without it.

I just got the 3 Rivers catalog in the mail today and am looking forward to browsing it this evening. Prices on everything seem to be increasing, that's life. I'll still order if I need/want something.

I know a few people that receive state pensions. My mom worked as a nurse at a state mental hospital for 30 years. Nemophilist worked as a prison guard for 30 years. They both have excellent pensions and state benefits and deserve every single cent of it. They busted their butts, put in their time, no one handed them anything. Too many people act like state pensions, 401k's, etc. just fall out of the sky. I know I wouldn't make it a day as a nurse in a state mental hospital or as a prison guard.

From: grizz
Date: 15-Jan-22

Supernaut, absolutely correct. Retirement plans are worked for by people who planned ahead and made sure it was maintained until needed. Many times people who didn’t plan ahead, treat it as an undeserved windfall.

From: 4t5
Date: 15-Jan-22

In today's era, a $600 phone or watch is cheap, but a $600 bow is expensive, even though the bow will last many years longer, go figure.

From: Briar
Date: 15-Jan-22

Look at the new hoyt rx 7...just under 2 grand. A hunting beast hang on stand is $625..prices are what people will pay. Im 46 and im glad I have my needs set up for a long time. I may need a dozen arrows every now then but I'm very conservative ND make everything last as much as humanely possible.

The gap of want and need is huge..but I feel like today for many people it has shrunk to unrecognizable.

From: 4t5
Date: 15-Jan-22

also , which one will you remember 20 yrs from now?

From: Pdiddly2
Date: 15-Jan-22

Supernaut..,glad you commented on pensions. People think they fall from the sky.

I have one because I gave my employer a portion of my pay cheque for 35 years and also gave them permission, through a jointly operated plan, to do whatever they wanted with it for 35 years, while matching my contribution dollar for dollar.

At the end of 35 years I don't want it all back at once. Just so much a month at a time and they still have the rest to invest and use to fund their share. Good deal in my mind, don't you think?

My contributions were close to $300,000. If everyone had done this they'd have a retirement income too.

I bought a lot of my archery gear used, or New Old Stock (NOS) and it has served me well. I still have no issue at all giving good companies like Lancaster, 3 Rivers or RMS Gear in Denver some of my spending money because that's what keeps the economy going, as Mr. Stout points out on other posts...I have just been made aware of an archery equipment source in Canada by codjigger and Jamie Robinson that I'll support as well.

People need jobs and we need to understand that if our neighbours are going to make a living wage we need to pay more to keep their jobs going where we live.

We can't have it both ways eh?

From: Tucker
Date: 15-Jan-22

I just looked at the 3 Rivers catalog.

A person could get a basic takedown recurve, half dozen wood arrows, and some glue on broad heads for about $200.

With a little ingenuity on how to carry arrows and sharpen the broadheads they could be out hunting!

Sounds inexpensive to me.

If that is still too much make the bow, arrows, and points from materials scrounged up- you could be hunting for under $20 bucks.

While I usually head out to the woods with $1000’s of dollars worth of gear, I have done it the other way too with a homemade bow, arrow, and stone point. Both ways can bring home the venison!

From: Red Beastmaster
Date: 15-Jan-22

I buy what I need from vendors at shoots to save shipping. The swap meets are a good source of goods and materials as well.

From: Bassmaster
Date: 15-Jan-22

Their are wants, and needs. I have an old truck I bought new in 2008 with very low mileage,and in very good shape, and I can easily afford to buy a new one, but won't buy a new one, because of their current prices. For me that is a want, and not a need.

From: Knifeman
Date: 15-Jan-22

Inflation is everywhere. Archery goodies are no exception. In my little world, guitars prices are up, accessories up, gas price up, groceries up. All my knife making supplies are up, cost of my paint products waaaay up. What has NOT gone up? It is what it is.For the few of us slaves still working, Im still buying stuff I want.

From: babysaph Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member
Date: 15-Jan-22

Supernaut is correct. These people worked for their pensions. I once heard a guy say you better buy it now. It won't get cheaper. I wouldn't hold my breath on auto prices coming down.

From: ottertails
Date: 15-Jan-22

Supernaut and Pdiddly2 x2.

My pension didn't fall from the sky and into my lap....I worked damned hard my whole life. When young and newly married, thinking about the future, my collar here, no college.... I kept bettering my prospects by changing jobs to those that paid the most and had a retirement fund. Construction in the early years (union).. 290' underground digging and blasting for the Deep Tunnel project in Illinois on the outskirts of Chicago to ease the flooding. Eventually wound up with the Teamsters where the company I worked for also offered 401k. I paid into that pension and 401k along with union dues 30 plus years. They're now paying me back....what they owe me!

I immersed myself back in those early days with my passion for archery. I made some of my own archery equipment back then after being disappointed with what was out there for sale. The arrows and a quiver I made for myself impressed enough people that I was asked to make arrows and quivers for them. After initial investments in leather and arrow supplies I made that money back eventually and continued to make them to finance myself and growing family with archery gear never taking away from other family funds.

^^^ Wants and needs^^^ ...that's neverending with me ...I try not to be foolish with my's a good thing this thread is about archery gear and NOT about fishing gear....that's where I've gone a bit overboard. ;))

From: Stickmark
Date: 15-Jan-22

In Tucson, two glasses of wine, the good stuff, will set you back $30, not including the tax. I spent $108 on two bags of groceries this weekend. From 2008 to 2022, I have spent about $6700- 7000 on hunting. This includes tags for Arizona and Missouri, a rifle or two, ASAT 3d suit, countless forays into broad heads, binos (both the pair I lost and the replacement)...this does not include Burger King after scouting the Winchester Mtns. About $30- 45 or so per month, so two glasses of wine.

What do I have to show for my love of archery? Massive coues bucks sparring. Pumas, including one coming at me. A hundred sunrises and sunsets. Bobcats chasing fawns, rattlesnakes ending my stalks, a bear where no bear should be. Wilderness. Shared life with friends, and strangers I met once.

I am on a budget of "Zero Dollars for hunting" this year, and the following. Retirement looms. I am 56 in March? What? I make my own bows (so what), and can harvest shafts (so what , again).

I have only one regret in this life, to be honest. I wish I had not taken a 20-year plus break from archery. Great topic.

From: Danny Pyle
Date: 16-Jan-22

If everyone only bought what they need 90 percent of us probably wouldn’t have a job. I worked 38 years in the vending and beverage industry, nobody needs those products but it kept me employed and able to save for retirement. Which I did last July.

Date: 16-Jan-22

You only live once in life get what you want you can't take it with you

From: Jon Stewart
Date: 16-Jan-22

It's all relative. In the 60's candy bars were a nickel. Today they are a buck.

Take some time and learn how to make stuff. The only thing I can't make is string material and that is only because I don't want to.

All my hunting clothing is yard sale stuff bought o the cheap. A lot of my hunting gear is yard sale bought. Heck I bought a recurve at a yard sale for a quarter and shot a fox with it.

Make your own fun. It ain't going to get any cheaper.

From: Eric Krewson
Date: 16-Jan-22

Eric Krewson's embedded Photo

I have all of a buck in this bow and that is for the string which I made myself. I have a lot of expensive shop equipment but could make the same bow with a hatchet, a farriers rasp, a large knife to scrape the wood and some sandpaper. I cut my own bow staves, I don't buy them.

I once traded wild turkey feathers for wood shafting by the hundreds, these have been mostly used up, now don't mind dropping $35-$40 on some top notch shafts from Sherwood.

I will drop a thousand on just the parts to build a flintlock rifle and not blink an eye, but cringe at the thought of dropping the same amount on a bow.

From: Jim Davis
Date: 16-Jan-22

My little product has increased in cost somewhat because the price of dowels took a big jump. But the product saves archers money.

I make that product and all my own archery items except point and string material--and I have a stash of dogbane stems waiting for me to get ambitious enough to learn to make cordage.

Making things I don't need is my only excuses for having them.

From: Altitude Sickness
Date: 16-Jan-22

Man, what a great looking tiller. You must have some kind of gadget to get it that nice :^)))

From: Altitude Sickness
Date: 16-Jan-22

Let’s face it 99% of people would tell us even the cheapest archery stuff isn’t “needed”. Some could argue that a $50 bow is too much. So for someone to complain about what others spend. Just remember there’s millions of people that would say the meager amount we spend is wasteful

From: PECO2
Date: 16-Jan-22

I also have a pension, a military one. My pension doesn't keep up with inflation, not even close. Neither did any of my jobs after the military. I'll tell you what does keep up, property tax. Just got my tax notice a few days ago, now there is some sticker shock.

From: scndwfstlhntng Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 16-Jan-22

I am pleased to see that the many comments are reasonable and well tempered. One has to agree that this is after all a hobby, and one chooses to "pay to play". We are all aware that there is no point in saving it all up to die on a pile of money and have no fun/ joy in life. We do spend what we are comfortable with and it is a "consumer society" to say the least. For myself, I have spent quite a lot of money over the years and have closets full of gear and redundant clothing choices. That has certainly slowed down but not come to a screeching halt, as I finally broke down and got a Sitka coat this winter and it was the best thing that I have done in years. That said, I had to think twice when I paid $5 for some string nocks and an additional $5 for shipping in order to support a company that has done a lot for our sport. I could have gotten the same thing from Am...n for $5 without shipping, but what have they done for ME lately.

My point was that even though I am aware that investment to harvest ratio (for those that hunt) is probably about $80/lb for venison (tongue in cheek) that as a community of ARCHERS, I hate to see the rising costs be a significant obstacle to younger people, and that those of us who have been with this for awhile can be helpful and mentor just a little bit better when it comes to the lure of consumerism.

From: jdbbowhunter
Date: 16-Jan-22

Yup crazy. Have to raise taxes, where does all the tax money go that they take?

From: Andy Man
Date: 16-Jan-22


right there -mine went up 14.5% and going up again this year

From: Nemophilist
Date: 16-Jan-22

Nemophilist's embedded Photo

The way I look at it is I don't drink, hang out in bars, gamble, do drugs, smoke, chew tobacco, chase women, cheat on my wife, and my wife and I live easily within our means. So, if I spend money on bows and bowhunting stuff it's money well spent. Life is too short not to enjoy things. If buying an expensive custom bow or buying some good hunting clothes and boots so you can be in the woods longer and in bad weather will make you happy and you can afford it, I say good for you.

From: Will tell
Date: 16-Jan-22

I just bought 12 size D batteries that cost me close to $30.00 for a flashlight and lantern in case we lose electricity in the snow storm coming.

In 1978 I gave up a job making $30,000.00 a year to work for the State making less than $14,000.00 so I could get a state pension. It's all about making good and bad choice.

From: Supernaut
Date: 16-Jan-22

Great post Nemo and I agree 100% whole heartedly!

I quit chewing last year and that was the only "piss money away" vice I had. More scratch in our pockets for fun stuff!

From: Babysaph Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 16-Jan-22

I agree with Nemo. One of the reasons I worked hard So I could retire and enjoy hunting. It’s all I do. I have buddies that golf. You think hunting is expensive? I make most of my stuff including bows. Not to save money but because I like it. I use to have about 50 bows. I sold all but a few years ago. Recently gave some bows away to guys just getting started in trad archery. That feeling of helping them was worth way more than the few dollars I would get selling the bows. I do like a little bourbon once in a while

From: tkyelp Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 17-Jan-22

I have always feared that if (modern)traditional archery ever came apart it would indeed implode from the inside out. We ourselves would destroy it. Due to factors like $$$$ (living the Great American Dream via archery, secrets of the trade, product competition, etc)we would no longer chose to help one another along the traditional archery journey. I have accumulated a great deal of archery paraphernalia over the years. Anyone who knows me, can attest to that. Much of it second hand sales. Most all of which has been gathered to help mentor others as they enter this particular discipline of sport. Selling at a low price, giving away, loaning, sharing. We all know the price of starting any sport can be prohibitive. Especially for those w/ little disposable income (including kids, teens, college students, etc.)or who's income is already spoken for, (young adults w/ children, house payments, etc). While supporting businesses that support the organizations we all belong to we should contemplate how we can mentor new shooters, welcoming them into the sport.

From: George D. Stout
Date: 17-Jan-22

You can justify anything you want to, or you can oppose everything too, it's all up to you. Yep...prices are mostly too dang high for me, but that doesn't bother me much cause I don't buy what I don't need anyway. Enjoy your days. I would give away all of my bows to have some of the folks back I lost just this past year.

From: Altitude Sickness
Date: 17-Jan-22

Civilization is the limitless multiplication of unnecessary necessities.

Mark Twain

From: David McLendon
Date: 17-Jan-22

The last time I ordered anything supply wise was 2 dozen shafts that I packed back and glad that I did as they were recently discontinued, and some nocks. That was back in 2017 and I have no plans to buy anything supply wise if the foreseeable future as feathers and nocks are about the only thing I wear out or tear up and turkey's supply most of my feathers. I got that same catalogue too, and it'll roll down to the curb this evening.

From: groundhunter50
Date: 17-Jan-22

I agree with George. Most of my Trad stuff, is all stuff I buy either at shoots, or rummage sales etc. I also enjoy giving stuff away, of what I have extra. Just gave a guy some never used Bear razorheads, knowing he will put the to use

Used bows are over priced in my opinion, but hey, if you want to pay it, then pay it.............

Its still lots of fun, hard to put a price on having fun

From: Sasquatch73
Date: 17-Jan-22

I drink Alcohol...........don't even realize prices have gone up. :))

From: Gray Goose Shaft
Date: 17-Jan-22


Let's say I want a sweet Javaman bow with a cocobolo riser, yew limb veneers, and antler tip overlays. Ballpark $1,000. I could:

1. Run my snow blower to clear 4 driveways, at $40, 6 times this winter; $960.

2. Cut 2 lawns, at $25, for 20 weeks; $1,000.

3. Work at a grocery store, at $15/ hr & clear $12/hr, 20 hrs/week, 4 weeks; $960.

4. Life is short.

From: Altitude Sickness
Date: 17-Jan-22

I’ll sell you a LH Javaman Elkheart for $700 and you can mow 12 less lawns. :^))

From: Bowlim
Date: 17-Jan-22

About 2-300 bucks was the price for a custom bow around 1980. 40 years later it cost under 1K, and you can find a nice one for 400-600. You can get a pair of limbs in carbon for under 100. And what you could not get back in 1980 was the same bow second hand, off ebay for half the price or even better.

Accessories are mainly something I make these days, but even things like XX75s you can find at a good price, far less than they used to cost, and they are still cool if you are actually traditional. Carbon arrows run a wide range, there were good deals in blems a while back.

Comparatively, crossbows didn't really exist as a class back then, but a Barnett was around 200 I think. Top of the line today is 3K (500 fps). When Matthews bows came out, the first single cam and machined riser compound, they were around 400, they are 1500 today. (for Canada specific reasons), I bought a top of the line 90s matthews off ebay for 60 bucks. If I get the string for it, that will cost 30!

I think overall everything for the true trad archer is far cheaper.

Now the government is destroying the currency, but that is hardly archery specific. You may find a lot of distressed sellers...

From: Therifleman
Date: 17-Jan-22

Gray goose shaft X2. Very well said!

From: crookedstix
Date: 17-Jan-22

Pdiddly, In light of your financial security, I have a few more Howatts I might be willing to sell you, along with a deed to our elk camp in Colorado. Priced to sell; give me a call! ;-)

From: Jim Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 17-Jan-22

I figure it like this, if you got enough money then spend it on what you want. If not, save it !

From: skramr12
Date: 17-Jan-22

After seeing how the last two years were, and the ones we lost, was a real eye opener for me. It really brings things into reality how little control we have over our health. Maybe it was turning 50 this year that put things more into perspective about our longevity and how much time we have left. I now firmly believe, if it makes you happy, DO IT! Be sure to have your finances in line, but don't short change yourself for a lifetime of hard work :) Sometimes buying that new custom bow, rifle or truck is good for the soul.

From: Pdiddly2
Date: 17-Jan-22

Kerry!! LOL!

You're a tricky east coaster that's trying to sell me something you don't own that I already do!!

As for the Howatt' got me there!

From: Eric Krewson
Date: 18-Jan-22

I went into give away mode years ago, I have probably given away at least 75 bows that I made. At first it was a combination of selling and giving away, about 15 years ago it went to strictly giving away, I donated lots of bows to charity auctions for children's causes as well as giving bows to special people who I though needed to recognized for their greatness.

From: Onehair
Date: 18-Jan-22

Perspective,, I couldn't afford much when everything was cheap. Cost doesn't matter anymore if I want it today.

From: JTK
Date: 18-Jan-22

If the concern is with children the answer is with parents. This isn't a matter of economics.

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