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FIRST SHOT.......Friday Dec 31st

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CD 31-Dec-21
Nemophilist 31-Dec-21
Kwikdraw 31-Dec-21
Kwikdraw 31-Dec-21
Snow Crow 31-Dec-21
HRhodes 31-Dec-21
grizz 31-Dec-21
From: CD
Date: 31-Dec-21

Today's shot will be the twister from 24 yards. Face away from the target then twist around to make your shot.

Happy last day of 2021!

God bless,


From: Nemophilist
Date: 31-Dec-21

Nemophilist's embedded Photo


24 Yards, The Twister.

1971 Bear Super Magnum, 55#@28", Cedar Arrow.

From: Kwikdraw
Date: 31-Dec-21

Kwikdraw's embedded Photo

Good morning 1st shooters, last of the '21 series! Had to flip my target to the compound side for '22, shot out this side. I'll have to point out the bull I'm shooting, mostly. Y'all have a great New Years and New Year!

From: Kwikdraw
Date: 31-Dec-21

Kwikdraw's embedded Photo

Here's the '22 side, lots of bulls!

From: Snow Crow
Date: 31-Dec-21

Snow Crow's embedded Photo

As called, 24 yard twister. Failed to get inside the draw and pushed it right.

No shooting this weekend: Hey Canada, send down the Molson and keep your arctic air, eh?

From: HRhodes
Date: 31-Dec-21

HRhodes's embedded Photo

Last one for this year!

From: grizz
Date: 31-Dec-21

grizz's embedded Photo

Too far, too twisted! FS was low (red fletch) , took a second shot just over the first. Bodnik and poc. Thanks CD, y’all have a great New Year.

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