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FIRST SHOT.......Thursday, Dec 23rd

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CD 23-Dec-21
Nemophilist 23-Dec-21
HRhodes 23-Dec-21
kstradhunter 23-Dec-21
Batman 23-Dec-21
kstradhunter 23-Dec-21
SB 23-Dec-21
Snow Crow 23-Dec-21
Eric Sprick 23-Dec-21
grizz 23-Dec-21
From: CD
Date: 23-Dec-21

Today's shot will be 13 yards from an elevated position. Try to get elevated... stand, step ladder, tailgate, hill, balcony, etc... or just shoot from a sitting position.

God bless,


From: Nemophilist
Date: 23-Dec-21

Nemophilist's embedded Photo


13 yards from basement steps.

1971 Bear Super Magnum, 55#@28", Cedar Arrow.

Thanks for the call CD.

From: HRhodes
Date: 23-Dec-21

HRhodes's embedded Photo

Good morning! My favorite distance and the shot I practice the most. Four shot group from the Bear Ausable with tribute aluminums. Y’all have a great day.

From: kstradhunter
Date: 23-Dec-21

kstradhunter's embedded Photo

Standing on 55gal drum shot as called. Samick Discovery/Blackmax 2.0 47lbs otf with Traditional Only Barebow tipped with 200gr German Jager.

From: Batman
Date: 23-Dec-21

GOOD SHOOTING going on! Hope that every one is well, safe & WARM? GOOD HUNTING & BLESSED BE!

From: kstradhunter
Date: 23-Dec-21

Batman we are staying warm here in KS! Supposed to be almost 60 today and 70 tomorrow!

From: SB
Date: 23-Dec-21

SB's embedded Photo

13 yds. off the back deck....finally warmed up enough to come out of hibernation for a bit! ...

From: Snow Crow
Date: 23-Dec-21

Snow Crow's embedded Photo

From 13, standing. Thanks CD!

From: Eric Sprick
Date: 23-Dec-21

Eric Sprick's embedded Photo

Fine shooting gentleman, got mine in just before dark. No time to find something to stand on so I squatted…. Thanks for the call and hope everyone has a great Christmas

From: grizz
Date: 23-Dec-21

grizz's embedded Photo

Forgot to post my shot today. FS was low second was close. Thanks CD y’all have a great night.

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