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Blood Glue

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Tim Baker 08-Dec-21
pondscum2 13-Dec-21
Shootalot 14-Dec-21
Riverwolf 14-Dec-21
Arvin 14-Dec-21
Arvin 14-Dec-21
From: Tim Baker
Date: 08-Dec-21

Blood Glue 

Aware that making hide glue is difficult under paleo conditions I posted this question back in October-5-00 Still hoping someone will give it a try and report.

"Would someone try this experiment and report back:""

Blood is pretty good glue. The next time you have a few ounces of fresh blood would you try using it instead of hide glue while sinew-backing a bow?  Blood glue was used to make plywood before the '40's. A small amount of lime powder was added. Possibly about 5%, possibly to make it somewhat water resistant, as with milk curd glue,"

Someone asked if the idea came from an bow-building book publishes in Transylvania.  And someone worried that the blood would clot before use. Others that blood glue might be too weak.

My responses then:

"Blood doesn't clot in the animal, so maybe keeping it warm and away from the air... would hold it ...  Some California Indians are reported to have used soaproot glue for sinew backing, about the weakest glue there is. And fish skin glue has been used, also pretty weak..."

So will someone give this a try? 

From: pondscum2
Date: 13-Dec-21

if i can remember next time i lay myself open, i'll give it a try. i'm always cutting myself on something...

From: Shootalot
Date: 14-Dec-21

Ok, this is pretty off subject but I did shoot an animal with a flint head that was tied on with deer sinew. The blood mixed with dirt on the sinew was almost like epoxy and made me think it was probably used to glue arrowheads on. I have no idea on using it on bow building.

From: Riverwolf
Date: 14-Dec-21

Make an arrow with sinew~~~shoot it through~~~a critter or two~~~~now its glue;)))

I always thought the same of OSAGE fruit...((monkeyball eh Craig ;))

...seriously , that milky fruit juice is real sticky . I could also see local natives and others using this plentiful fruit for such.

From: Arvin
Date: 14-Dec-21

I probably won’t be your huckleberry but that might make a beautiful bow by the right guy on here. Arvin

From: Arvin
Date: 14-Dec-21

Stoner what you doing??

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