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sir misalots 23-Nov-21
redheadlover 23-Nov-21
Roger 23-Nov-21
fdp 23-Nov-21
Randog 23-Nov-21
JusPassin 23-Nov-21
Harborpilot88 23-Nov-21
Old3Toe 23-Nov-21
9/10 Broke 23-Nov-21
Southpawky 23-Nov-21
Hoshblood 24-Nov-21
Mike E 24-Nov-21
nineworlds9 24-Nov-21
carpenter 24-Nov-21
Southpawky 24-Nov-21
twostrings 25-Nov-21
parsonbryant 25-Nov-21
From: sir misalots
Date: 23-Nov-21

any stringmakers on here? Or recommendations.

From: redheadlover
Date: 23-Nov-21

60X Custom strings or Rick's Traditional Bowstrings

From: Roger
Date: 23-Nov-21

Allen at 10 ring.

From: fdp
Date: 23-Nov-21

Stringmaker on here. Michael Harbison.

From: Randog
Date: 23-Nov-21


From: JusPassin
Date: 23-Nov-21


From: Harborpilot88
Date: 23-Nov-21

X2 Ten ring strings.

Very nice. Offers yarn wraps for string grooves, yarn or kooshball silencers, and many colors.

From: Old3Toe
Date: 23-Nov-21

Recommendation: roll yer own

From: 9/10 Broke Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 23-Nov-21

I’m sure there are other good ones but I’ve used SBD twice and been very happy with the strings and their service. Nothing but good things to say about them.

From: Southpawky
Date: 23-Nov-21

Southpawky's embedded Photo

I can make you one for free if you’d like. Just pm me or text (606)401-9421. I have every color of B55 available. Been making strings for a good while and getting ready to open shop. Will include matching silencers as well no charge. Consider it trying to get my name out there.

From: Hoshblood
Date: 24-Nov-21

I’ll 2nd Stilldub excellent strings for an excellent price. Custom made to your exact spec and material, often turns them within 2-3 days.

From: Mike E
Date: 24-Nov-21

fdp x2, Michael knows his stuff.

From: nineworlds9
Date: 24-Nov-21

Some great choices mentioned. My brother Alex at RMS Gear is also a superb custom stringmaker so give him a call if you like.

From: carpenter
Date: 24-Nov-21

10 Ring strings!

From: Southpawky
Date: 24-Nov-21

Southpawky's embedded Photo

From: twostrings
Date: 25-Nov-21

Name sound familiar? Will be walking out the door and putting an arrow on one of his strings directly. Thank you Rick.

From: parsonbryant
Date: 25-Nov-21

Linda Brackenbury,great strings,good price.

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