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bundle bow ?

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gregf 07-Sep-10
John Scifres 08-Sep-10
Eric Krewson 08-Sep-10
john gray 08-Sep-10
Eric Krewson 08-Sep-10
Selden Slider 08-Sep-10
JDB 09-Sep-10
From: gregf
Date: 07-Sep-10

I'm thinking about trying to make a bundle question is how do I cure the sticks? I'm thinking glue the ends and remove the bark. or will they dry to fast? and crack.

From: John Scifres
Date: 08-Sep-10

Just cut as many 1/2" saplings as you can get your hands around. Lash them to gether and let dry. A couple weeks ought to do it.

From: Eric Krewson
Date: 08-Sep-10

Eric Krewson's embedded Photo

If you have any river cane around it makes an easy bundle bow as well.

From: john gray
Date: 08-Sep-10

hey eric ,i have a bunch of river cane,do i need to let it dry the same way i do cane arrows?gonna try and make one of them ,is that black electrical tape? or thread

From: Eric Krewson
Date: 08-Sep-10

Yes, it needs to be dry. I made one with thread wraps one time but think the one in the picture is electrical tape.

From: Selden Slider
Date: 08-Sep-10

Schwartzeneger made a bundle bow in Predator. Shot an arrow through a tree. That was the only time I ever saw one until now. Thought it was make believe. Now I know better. Never too old to learn something. Thanks, Frank

From: JDB
Date: 09-Sep-10

Nope...not a myth Frank.

I'm thinking there are historical records of bundle bows all the way back to the time of the Greeks.

And ancient Egyptians used bundled papyrus reed to build everything from boats to bows. That's if age isn't confusing my history for me. ;~)

River cane, mini bamboo, is pretty cool stuff. Lots of uses for it through history. Including my own childhood fishing history. LOL


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