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Yew English Style Longbow Rawhide backed 48lbs @28

Submitted: 17-Mar-19


Make: Not Sure
Price: $175.00
Category: SELFBOW
Condition: EXCELLENT
Contact Seller: ThePerfectLine

Detailed Description and Photos:

ThePerfectLine's embedded Photo

Had to delete the old listing since it wouldnt let me edit it for some reason. I have this yew longbow (I suppose its a selfbow, since its a single piece of wood). Its the classic D- Style english longbow, beautifully crafted with an amazing finish on it. Its 68" with no subtraction nock to nock, and its 71" end of the tip to the other end of the other tip. It is also rawhide backed, and has horn nocks on the limb tips. Its shoots great, but, its too much bow for me. I have had it for maybe 15 years or so but have only shot it a few times because I'm really a 35-38 lb shooter. I have a ton of high resolution pics if you want. See this link. am5EK 46VvkS-DXQ If the links don't work its likely because there is somehow a space in the URL, just delete that space it should be fine! I'm asking $175 shipped to your door anywhere in the lower 48.

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