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Topic Count Date Category
Who shoots a Flat Bow 41 14-Oct-21 Selfbows
Self bow length question 26 13-Oct-21 Selfbows
Tell us about 16 11-Oct-21 Selfbows
Stemmed bows 6 04-Oct-21 Selfbows
Backing with silk fabric. 5 29-Sep-21 Selfbows
Gonna go for it! 17 14-Sep-21 Selfbows
e bay yew longbow.. 27 10-Sep-21 Selfbows
Mi'Kmaq Warbow 45 08-Sep-21 Selfbows
Glen St Charles bow 6 03-Sep-21 Selfbows
Bamboo backing 4 02-Sep-21 Selfbows
Recurve and sinew back osage 8 31-Aug-21 Selfbows
Sinew glue 9 28-Aug-21 Selfbows
Self Bow Question 14 15-Aug-21 Selfbows
all wood bow laminations? 15 15-Aug-21 Selfbows
Non glass/self ASL bow pics! 17 14-Aug-21 Selfbows
Backing material for bow 11 14-Aug-21 Selfbows
Red mulberry for self bow 31 14-Aug-21 Selfbows
Cedar,Juniper /hickory 23 13-Aug-21 Selfbows
Yew Flatbow T/D 18 08-Aug-21 Selfbows
Victorian era 23 08-Aug-21 Selfbows
Old Bear Ranger or Not? 14 07-Aug-21 Selfbows
Tillering 1 06-Aug-21 Selfbows
Rawhide Backing 5 02-Aug-21 Selfbows
You can look but you can't touch 30 30-Jul-21 Selfbows
Latest selfbow 75 28-Jul-21 Selfbows
Mo Jam 25 27-Jul-21 Selfbows
Hickory Longbow Build 35 26-Jul-21 Selfbows
My first timeā€¦ 16 22-Jul-21 Selfbows
Bow bug bit!!! 11 22-Jul-21 Selfbows
Pics of IPE/Bamboo longbows y'all made? 1 21-Jul-21 Selfbows
IPE/Bamboo 12 20-Jul-21 Selfbows
Bow made of utile/sipo 6 16-Jul-21 Selfbows
Bending Ash with dry heat. 5 13-Jul-21 Selfbows
Heat treating a HHB selfbow 19 12-Jul-21 Selfbows
need rattle snake skins,, 18 28-Jun-21 Selfbows
First bow from a stave 20 27-Jun-21 Selfbows
Here's my yew Jay 38 10-Jun-21 Selfbows
Hickory Log Questions 25 09-Jun-21 Selfbows
Seasoning black walnut? 13 06-Jun-21 Selfbows
Rawhide Backing and Paint 10 05-Jun-21 Selfbows

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