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Topic Count Date Category
Building an Osage Selfbow from billets 15 29-May-23 Selfbows
A day on the range with the selfbow 7 28-May-23 Selfbows
Chrysalis ? 6 27-May-23 Selfbows
Playing in the 10-Ring w/a Selfbow 6 23-May-23 Selfbows
New Skin on Osage Bow 23 22-May-23 Selfbows
A beautiful piece of work 26 21-May-23 Selfbows
What kind of tree is this? 18 11-May-23 Selfbows
OK, 1st Beaver Tail grip 11 11-May-23 Selfbows
Another Osage Bow Done 54 11-May-23 Selfbows
New Build 7 27-Apr-23 Selfbows
Coats of finish on a hickory Bow ? 4 25-Apr-23 Selfbows
ed scott brace height 9 25-Apr-23 Selfbows
Finally!!! 38 25-Apr-23 Selfbows
Made a man happy today 16 24-Apr-23 Selfbows
Longevity of Selfbows, how long 18 23-Apr-23 Selfbows
Sturgeon-backed bows? 34 19-Apr-23 Selfbows
Kid's bow finished, grandson shooting it 12 18-Apr-23 Selfbows
Hickory vs. Osage Orange for selfbow? 11 17-Apr-23 Selfbows
Kids Osage sefbow 33 16-Apr-23 Selfbows
Crap pics of a nice bow 45 15-Apr-23 Selfbows
George Tsoukalas 55 14-Apr-23 Selfbows
Vertical crack 8 13-Apr-23 Selfbows
Now a slower go of it 4 13-Apr-23 Selfbows
Selfbow pics. 84 07-Apr-23 Selfbows
Help please! 7 06-Apr-23 Selfbows
My name is Jerry and I hate thin rings 22 05-Apr-23 Selfbows
Limbwalker & son's board bows... 36 04-Apr-23 Selfbows
Steam bending green wood 16 02-Apr-23 Selfbows
How to reach Pinnacle? 9 01-Apr-23 Selfbows
First Spliced Handle 21 31-Mar-23 Selfbows
Will sinew continue curing after finish 12 29-Mar-23 Selfbows
Ringing Rocks Archery 5 28-Mar-23 Selfbows
The new shop inspector is a challenge 17 26-Mar-23 Selfbows
Bows of 100% wood 17 25-Mar-23 Selfbows
Self bow shootability? 70 24-Mar-23 Selfbows
Mesolithic Look alike 31 22-Mar-23 Selfbows
Finger Calipers Build 37 22-Mar-23 Selfbows
Well, I give up on it 9 22-Mar-23 Selfbows
So I cheated a little, sort of 7 18-Mar-23 Selfbows
Side split kids bow 22 18-Mar-23 Selfbows

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