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Topic Count Date Category
Weight gain 6 17-Jan-22 Selfbows
Otzi'a bowstring identifiied 59 17-Jan-22 Selfbows
Hickory Recurve Build 25 16-Jan-22 Selfbows
One-dollar pine board stave 50 15-Jan-22 Selfbows
Two-dollar board bow staves 26 12-Jan-22 Selfbows
Selfbow picture that tells a story. 139 10-Jan-22 Selfbows
Native American bow 46 06-Jan-22 Selfbows
Strangely Trad Almost Primitive Yet Not 14 03-Jan-22 Selfbows
Horse Bow Inspired PVC Recurve 27 03-Jan-22 Selfbows
In the making. 47 01-Jan-22 Selfbows
Odies wood wax 39 01-Jan-22 Selfbows
400 year old U.S. bow 54 31-Dec-21 Selfbows
Rescue Bow 15 28-Dec-21 Selfbows
Osage Stave Supplier? 13 26-Dec-21 Selfbows
A one-hour horn bow 21 24-Dec-21 Selfbows
Jim Hamm Tillering 15 22-Dec-21 Selfbows
I like shooting further than 25 yards 90 20-Dec-21 Selfbows
Double a bamboo bow's draw weight 16 20-Dec-21 Selfbows
Bow wood-what and where? 16 20-Dec-21 Selfbows
1940's 23 20-Dec-21 Selfbows
A half-hour plum branch bow 15 19-Dec-21 Selfbows
Bow Trivia Question #34 4 16-Dec-21 Selfbows
Blood Glue 7 14-Dec-21 Selfbows
Bamboo backed Ipe bows 15 13-Dec-21 Selfbows
Bowmaking Instructions 10 12-Dec-21 Selfbows
A way to determine specific gravity 16 12-Dec-21 Selfbows
Is 6” enough? 15 11-Dec-21 Selfbows
Who got you interested in self bows 70 10-Dec-21 Selfbows
Grow staves and food at the same time 13 10-Dec-21 Selfbows
osage staves/slats/blanks 5 08-Dec-21 Selfbows
self bow help 28 07-Dec-21 Selfbows
Draw knife 16 06-Dec-21 Selfbows
BOW WOOD 12 06-Dec-21 Selfbows
You can put wood back on 9 06-Dec-21 Selfbows
Maple Board Bow. 13 05-Dec-21 Selfbows
Osage 19 02-Dec-21 Selfbows
Bow bug bit!!! 15 26-Nov-21 Selfbows
One I’ve been working on 28 20-Nov-21 Selfbows
Perfection by Kidder 5 16-Nov-21 Selfbows
Old Bear Ranger or Not? 18 15-Nov-21 Selfbows

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