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Its got a few years on it

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Moleman1 10-Jul-24
JBM 10-Jul-24
Supernaut 10-Jul-24
ottertails 10-Jul-24
tradslinger 10-Jul-24
Wayne Hess 10-Jul-24
RonP 10-Jul-24
mahantango 11-Jul-24
From: Moleman1
Date: 10-Jul-24

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One of our local clubs is having a vintage bow shoot this weekend so I strung up a classic and done a 10-20 and 30 walk back to see how I'd do. It's an early 50's Bear Grizzly static. I've not strung this bow up for months but the ole girl still has what it takes to get it done. Its got a few years on it but it still performs better than I do. Just gotta love the classics

From: JBM
Date: 10-Jul-24

Hope that there will be PLENTY of ADMIRERS of the Grizzly static.

From: Supernaut
Date: 10-Jul-24

Beautiful old bow.

From: ottertails
Date: 10-Jul-24

Put that old gal to work. Those old classics have plenty to show. I shot one not too long ago and was pleasantly surprised. Like an older mature woman, they can get it done. ;)

From: tradslinger
Date: 10-Jul-24


From: Wayne Hess
Date: 10-Jul-24

Reliability of old bows are to be cherish , Enjoy

From: RonP
Date: 10-Jul-24

very cool. if only they could talk.

From: mahantango
Date: 11-Jul-24

Love it! The grip looks very different than my’55 Grizzly

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