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Summer whitetail scouting

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Kanati 07-Jul-24
Nemophilist 07-Jul-24
Jed Gitchel 07-Jul-24
B.T. 07-Jul-24
Pauljr 07-Jul-24
Kanati 07-Jul-24
Babysaph 07-Jul-24
Wudstix 08-Jul-24
JusPassin 08-Jul-24
CritterGitter62 08-Jul-24
Andy Man 08-Jul-24
BigGOutdoors 09-Jul-24
Zbone 09-Jul-24
Wapiti - - M. S. 09-Jul-24
iowacedarshooter 09-Jul-24
lost run 09-Jul-24
JBM 10-Jul-24
Zbone 13-Jul-24
ottertails 13-Jul-24
rp65 13-Jul-24
From: Kanati
Date: 07-Jul-24

For those of you that still put boots on the ground when do you start walking the woods? I hunt mostly woods no farms. I hunt alot of travel areas so food is not the main concern but i do look for the main crop acorns. I also bring my climber and do some pre climbs. I start next weekend. You?

From: Nemophilist
Date: 07-Jul-24

Nemophilist's embedded Photo

I'm always on the lookout to spot bucks year-round but I start seriously scouting for bucks from the end of January to the end of May. From June to the end of September I keep my eyes open, but I mostly bust my butt to get all the projects and chores around home done so when archery season arrives, I can spend 100% of my time bowhunting. I bow hunt both private and public (game lands) property. The buck I killed last year (buck on left) I spotted in August 2022 on private land. I didn't have permission that year to bow hunt that private property but got permission in 2023 after I found out who the landowner was so I could ask him.

From: Jed Gitchel
Date: 07-Jul-24

Right after deer season ends is a good time. Trails are easy to spot in the snow. I also hunt mostly woods these days. I'm looking for historical rub and scrapes near bedding or food. Check the downwind side of a scrape for a lightly used trail.

From: B.T.
Date: 07-Jul-24

B.T.'s embedded Photo

I’m starting from space now.

From: Pauljr Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 07-Jul-24

I honestly never stop scouting, I will say summer I slow down, the deer flies and really obnoxious right now. I spend by far the most time between mid February and green up.

From: Kanati
Date: 07-Jul-24

I do Feb. -Apr then let them have fawns. Pick it up now. Yes those flies suck!

From: Babysaph Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 07-Jul-24

I’m just learning my new farm so I scout a lot. Been to hit for me and like Nemo I need to get some stuff done. Heck been too hot for that too.

From: Wudstix Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 08-Jul-24

I don't own land to hunt, nor have public land that is open to deer hunting without drawing a spot. Hunt government land, but scouting time is restricted due to military training. I miss the days in PA.

From: JusPassin
Date: 08-Jul-24

I hunt our farm land, which I maintain and travel through 7 days a week. Guess I live scouting.

From: CritterGitter62
Date: 08-Jul-24

I like to scout during Turkey season, I tell the wife I'm looking for a gobbler but I'm really looking for deer sign. If I wait till the summer the deer are all hanging out at the beach. I kid you not, I see more deer fishing the early mornings off LI Sound than I do hunting in October.

From: Andy Man
Date: 08-Jul-24

Did when I was younger and decided it’s a waist of time other then binoculars over the bean and alfalfa fields to see what the area holds

From: BigGOutdoors
Date: 09-Jul-24

I work in downtown Pittsburgh. There is a conservancy between the inbound and outbound lanes of the parkway that has irrigation to water all the flowers they put in. There are more deer laying in that 300yd by 30yd stretch than in 3 sq mile stretch of any pa state game lands. lol. I’m thinking of hanging a stand on those big green exit signs!!! Lol

From: Zbone
Date: 09-Jul-24

I've been out a couple times, was watching a group of 6 bachelor bucks for a while yesterday evening, nothing big...

From: Wapiti - - M. S. Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 09-Jul-24

I start scouting public land in mid to late August.

From: iowacedarshooter
Date: 09-Jul-24

iowacedarshooter's embedded Photo

every time i go down the trail thru our woods i see deer tracks, don't know if that would be called scouting? then there is the deer sightings in our backyard also!

From: lost run
Date: 09-Jul-24

I brush hogged my field and me and the dog walk around it and I have picked a tree where there is always a scrape. It is at a small creek crossing. I have picked a tree for 8-10 yard shot, only need a few limbs cut and stand will be 8' high. Been too hot for me to walk up steep hill and go in the woods.

From: JBM
Date: 10-Jul-24

Critergitter? My Curiosity? Are the deer in the water to get COOL or trying to shake off those blasted flies??

GERALD...Nice looking healthy deer! Hope that everybody will have looking and have a way to repel those nasty flies! BLESSED BE!

From: Zbone
Date: 13-Jul-24

I was out a little yesterday evening, seen a pretty nice buck, antlers were pretty well developed... It's interesting bucks antlers seem to develop at different stages...

From: ottertails
Date: 13-Jul-24

I hunt woods, deep in there mostly but will hunt 50-100 yards approx inside the woods from a crop/CRP field or bedding area over established trails. My scouting I've found has paid off soon after hunting season ends especially with snow to track. Late January thru April but after a heavy rain have scouted in May... (Twice I came across baby fawns). I absolutely stay out of the woods after that. Summertime scouting is in my truck slowly driving the back roads with a binoculars and glassing the fields early mornings and evenings adjacent to the woods i hunt.

From: rp65
Date: 13-Jul-24

A little to hot here right now.

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