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D31 05-Jul-24
Jeff Durnell 05-Jul-24
4nolz@work 05-Jul-24
1buckurout 05-Jul-24
Jeff Durnell 05-Jul-24
Jon Stewart 05-Jul-24
CStyles 06-Jul-24
Phil Magistro 06-Jul-24
jaz5833 06-Jul-24
Babysaph 06-Jul-24
B.T. 06-Jul-24
Stix 06-Jul-24
CritterGitter62 07-Jul-24
olddogrib 07-Jul-24
Gary Savaloja 07-Jul-24
D31 07-Jul-24
reddogge 07-Jul-24
mobowman 07-Jul-24
BEARMAN 07-Jul-24
Snowman 07-Jul-24
Longtoke 08-Jul-24
Wudstix 08-Jul-24
4nolz@work 08-Jul-24
straightarrow 09-Jul-24
straightarrow 09-Jul-24
M60gunner 09-Jul-24
Stix 10-Jul-24
Babysaph 11-Jul-24
mountaineer 11-Jul-24
Tool maker 11-Jul-24
From: D31
Date: 05-Jul-24

What are some of the other forums that members are aware of. I like the wall but would like to find additional sites to read in my spare time. TIA Good Day

From: Jeff Durnell
Date: 05-Jul-24

Dude, personally I don't have a problem with your question, there are only a few, but you do realize that it's the same thing as walking into Lowes, getting on the PA system and asking... "What are some of the other home improvement stores that you customers frequent? I like this store, but would like to patronize others. Names please"

Kinda not cool.

From: 4nolz@work
Date: 05-Jul-24


Not aware of any new sites other than Facebook and MeWe

From: 1buckurout
Date: 05-Jul-24

I visit here, ArcheryTalk and TradTalk often. I go to the Shooters Form Forum on TradGang a couple times a month.

From: Jeff Durnell
Date: 05-Jul-24

Seriously, just do an internet search for Traditional Archery Forum. That didn't occur to you?

You don't need us for that.

From: Jon Stewart
Date: 05-Jul-24

Not really forums but I get on these facebook pages which are really good for me and my hobbies:

Traditional bowhunters classifieds (some really good deals)

Rock Connection

Michigan Longbow Association

Michigan Bowhunters

Fred Bear Day

Learning to flint knap

From: CStyles
Date: 06-Jul-24

TAS on Facebook

From: Phil Magistro
Date: 06-Jul-24

The one thing about the internet is it offers choice. It seems each archery site offers something a little different. This site is intended to be primarily about traditional bowhunting, TradTalk is primarily focused on gear, especially ILF and Warf, Tradgang, well the truth is I haven't been there in a while but they used o be sort of a second line Leatherwall where folks would post a topic here, then post the same topic on the there. Archery Talk is a catch-all but heavy on shooting, competition...

Then there are forums such as Rokslide, which has a small traditional forum and some state forums.

From: jaz5833
Date: 06-Jul-24

Not regular Facebook


But Facebook GROUPS are far superior to any text based forum.

For instance, The Wood Lovers Traditional Archery Forum and The Traditional Archery Society are fantastic. Combined, there's more than 100,000 archers participating in the two groups.

If you ignore the regular stuff and only do "Groups", Facebook is a resource this forum could only dream of - imagine loading 30 pictures, all at once, without resizing them too.

From: Babysaph Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 06-Jul-24

I thought FB was for looking to see what your Girlfriend you had 30 years ago was doing

From: B.T.
Date: 06-Jul-24

I don’t know how I can live without it.

From: Stix
Date: 06-Jul-24


From: CritterGitter62
Date: 07-Jul-24

There are a ton on Instagram trade archery accounts that I follow and I find it gives you a different perspective by watching a video

From: olddogrib
Date: 07-Jul-24

Mike, Is/are MeWe your preferred pronouns?

From: Gary Savaloja
Date: 07-Jul-24

I have to agree with Jeff Durnell.

From: D31
Date: 07-Jul-24

OP Here: A little background on Myself. I watch multiple news channels including PBS, BBC, NBC, FOX, Aljazeera, ABC and others. Doing this gives me multiple points of view on current world events. I don't shy away from different points of view or to dismiss others methods or perspectives as automatically wrong because it doesn't match my current view.

I appreciate everyone who offered up suggestions for additional locations to increase my knowledge of archery and archery related topics. Changing my Facebook account to groups only and joining some of the sights suggested has increased my exposure to Archery related topics substantially. Keeping my Mind Open to Learning Keeps me engaged. Good Day

From: reddogge
Date: 07-Jul-24

You don't need to change anything on your FB account. Just join the groups and you're set up. To the left on your home page under your name, there is a button for groups. Just click it and all of your groups show up. They also show up underneath that as your favorites.

I belong to lots of FB groups for my many hobbies and interests.

From: mobowman
Date: 07-Jul-24

I'm not really sure why people are having an issue with your question. It's not like you're saying you're leaving Leatherwall and want a replacement. Especially when a lot of us are on the other forums as well.

The 3 that I frequent are: Leatherwall - mostly for the classifieds because the leatherwall itself is a little slow with new posts (read as there aren't as many people here posting so there isn't as much content to digest). Also, there is no notification system here for posts that you've posted on so I often make a comment on a post and if I don't actively remember to come back and check it I don't get any updates on it. It's nice to get the e-mail that there is a response to my comment on something when it's an active discussion. Now I'm not saying that I have a problem with the way Leatherwall works, I love this site and have gotten some very good information off of here.

Archerytalk - I use the traditional archery forum and the classifieds here. Couple guys over there are a tad pretentious but every forum has those.

Tradtalk - same as archerytalk but everything over there is trad and it's got a lot of double dipping with Archerytalk because a lot of the same guys are on both.

Rokslide some times has some posts that pop up when I'm googling something but I've never really made a home there.

From: BEARMAN Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 07-Jul-24

I like the Facebook archery groups the most and Stickbow. Stay away from pages and forums that are run by guys who want to treat people Like garbage like Terry Green does on Trad Gang. He is a real piece of work. This forum is the best out of all of them IMO.

From: Snowman
Date: 07-Jul-24

This is the only forum I have joined , and that was after a few years of just reading and learning . I"ve been shooting arrows since about 1976 but just got into "trad" less than 10 years ago . I do go on trad gang and archery talk just to research , read and learn occasionally. And I agree with Bearman"s post about how some people treat others.

From: Longtoke
Date: 08-Jul-24

This one if my favorite, if you like ILF and high tech bows there are others. If you like to rile people up about about heavy arrows and single bevel broad heads TG is usually good fun.

From: Wudstix Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 08-Jul-24

They all have their own flavor. Run by different folks.

From: 4nolz@work
Date: 08-Jul-24

FB format is so simple the LW has a clumsy format by current standards but it isn't going to change you just have to learn it's eccentricities.

From: straightarrow
Date: 09-Jul-24

I have to agree with D31.

From: straightarrow
Date: 09-Jul-24

The only thing I use FB for is Market Place - until today, after reading this post I went there to checkout Wood Lovers Traditional Archery and The Traditional Archery Society. Thanks D31 and jaz5833.

From: M60gunner
Date: 09-Jul-24

I visit other sites as well. Site like Tradtalk has different forums like DYI that includes Warf bows and DYI projects. Information that is easily accessible. TradGang has a similar forum but if you ain’t a full time hunter best just to use what’s of interest a nd move on. Also do FB but sometimes it seems the posts are redundant about simple questions that could be answered with a little research. Then we have YouTube and it’s many experts but some of the info is good. But guys that go by names like “ranch fairy “ I pass on.

From: Stix
Date: 10-Jul-24

Everyone should at least once in their life get on tradgang, if for not anything more than to earn a merit badge by being banned.

Otherwise, plenty of good forums listed here. I tend to stay on the leatherwall. We all have a unique personality that I can relate to.

From: Babysaph
Date: 11-Jul-24

LOL. I have noticed that it is more of a site for hunters. This site has morphed into a target shooting and equipment site.

From: mountaineer
Date: 11-Jul-24

There is good to be had from all the different sites. I have noticed over the years that the same people that stir trouble on one site, just move to the next and do the same thing...but then complain about whatever site they just exited.

I like the different vibes of each site - kind of like how the OP related it to various news sites. None of it is forced consumption, I take what I want as I want it from the various pieces of information. Many spout their opinions and their methods as FACTS, but the FACT is that's simply not true. I frequent Archery Talk, Tradgang, and here - I've used others in the past but often revert back to the 3 I mentioned (and honestly wouldn't have time for more at this point). I'm not on FB, so can't comment there. Lot's of info and viewpoints to pull from and to help form your own perspectives.

From: Tool maker
Date: 11-Jul-24

Post a bunch of stuff on here. By tomorrow you’ll have lots to read. Everyone has their opinions. Ask questions. Post information etc

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