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Possible twisters in the south??

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Batman 20-Nov-23
Lowcountry 20-Nov-23
Fritz 20-Nov-23
olddogrib 21-Nov-23
From: Batman
Date: 20-Nov-23

Hi FOLKS, People in Louisiana, Mississippi and ALABAMA need to keep track of the WEATHER. Potential for TORNADOES is popping up! Go to YT and check out RYAN HALL

From: Lowcountry
Date: 20-Nov-23

Pay attention Dixie archers! I just saw/heard somewhere last week that “Tornado Alley” has actually shifted south to the Gulf Coast states with more tornados being recorded “lately” in the La., Ala., Miss, Ark., area than the historically traditional Kan., Okla., Neb., etc. areas.

From: Fritz
Date: 20-Nov-23


From: olddogrib
Date: 21-Nov-23

There will most certainly be one in Minn. if the "Austin blind hog finally picks up an acorn" this week!

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