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2024 Tennessee Classic

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Squeeze 20-Nov-23
BigStriper1 20-Nov-23
Squeeze 21-Nov-23
Pappy 1952 22-Nov-23
From: Squeeze Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 20-Nov-23

Looking for dates of the classic in 2024.I was not able to attend this year and would like to schedule vacation time with employer to make it happen next year.

From: BigStriper1
Date: 20-Nov-23

Probably Thursday May 2 thru Sunday May 5. Usually the first full weekend in May as long as it’s not Mother’s Day weekend. Kurt

From: Squeeze Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 21-Nov-23

Thank You

From: Pappy 1952
Date: 22-Nov-23

Thanks Kurt and yes that is correct,range will open Thursday MAY 2ND about noon or a little before and if you are competing your card has to be in By Saturday by 3pm I think,I will check on that it is 2 or 3, awards after raffle drawing and before Pot luck around 5, you can still shoot through Sunday for fun, range closes at 2pm Sunday.I will post a flyer when I figures out how :) Pappy

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