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FIRST SHOT.........Tuesday, Sept 19th

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CD 19-Sep-23
Knifeguy 19-Sep-23
grizz 19-Sep-23
tnlonghunter 19-Sep-23
Snow Crow 19-Sep-23
From: CD
Date: 19-Sep-23

Today's shot will be a 'face-forward' shot from 11 yards. Stand facing the target and then make you shot without moving your feet.

For those that are hunting these days, please share any successful (or unsuccessful) hunting results and describe your shot! :)

God bless,


From: Knifeguy
Date: 19-Sep-23

Knifeguy's embedded Photo

Shot as called with the ‘66 Grizzly @ 48# and a cedar arrow. Hope all hunting stay safe and are successful. Have a good day, Lance

From: grizz
Date: 19-Sep-23

grizz's embedded Photo

Forgot the yardage and shot 14 yrds. First shot on the left both 2016’s and Bear razorheads. ‘68 grizzly 48 #’s. Thanks CD and y’all have a great day.

From: tnlonghunter
Date: 19-Sep-23

tnlonghunter's embedded Photo

As called. 50# Bear TD with Dark Timber 400 shaft and 200g Jager bh.

From: Snow Crow
Date: 19-Sep-23

Snow Crow's embedded Photo

Late entry; shot as called, hit an inch low and half inch left of mark.

Thanks CD!

55# Montana, 29" 2117, 250 head, 650+ TAW, 19% FOC, 3x Blazer vanes.

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