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A day on the range with the selfbow

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jimmyblackmon 28-May-23
tradslinger 28-May-23
2 bears 28-May-23
Vaquero 45 28-May-23
Tradarcher4fun 28-May-23
Batman 28-May-23
Bob Rowlands 28-May-23
From: jimmyblackmon
Date: 28-May-23

From: tradslinger
Date: 28-May-23

awesome bow and great shooting with it. and yes, an awesome journey for sure. And what a feeling.

From: 2 bears
Date: 28-May-23

Awesome >>>----> Ken

From: Vaquero 45
Date: 28-May-23

That vid is fantastic , every aspect of , the build , the shooting , the humble spirit of your message . Who the heck every said "Lefties " can't shoot worth a darn !

From: Tradarcher4fun
Date: 28-May-23

Beautiful bow and great shooting.

From: Batman
Date: 28-May-23

Magnificent Bow! GREAT SHOOTING! Hoping to see the "BILLET BOW" in action REAL SOON ? (HINT! HINT!) BLESSED BE!

From: Bob Rowlands
Date: 28-May-23

Beautiful bow. Great shooting Jimmy. Thanks for the vid.

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