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Building an Osage Selfbow from billets

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jimmyblackmon 25-May-23
Stan 26-May-23
Stick Hippie 26-May-23
Batman 26-May-23
tradslinger 26-May-23
Stickbow Felty 26-May-23
wooddamon1 26-May-23
Bob Rowlands 26-May-23
jimmyblackmon 26-May-23
longbowguy 26-May-23
BowAholic 27-May-23
Arvin 27-May-23
jbl 27-May-23
jimmyblackmon 27-May-23
jimmyblackmon 29-May-23
From: jimmyblackmon
Date: 25-May-23

The 2023 deer season has begun! 71" long 41# @ 27.5"

From: Stan
Date: 26-May-23

Looks great.. Thanks for sharing, looking forward to finished Video, maybe some shooting...

From: Stick Hippie
Date: 26-May-23

Very nice looking bow so far Jimmy, can’t wait to see how it finishes out

From: Batman
Date: 26-May-23

Hi Jim, Hope to see the finish, then You flinging arrows and last a nice buck.

From: tradslinger
Date: 26-May-23

very nice, hope that you have a blast with it this fall

From: Stickbow Felty
Date: 26-May-23

Awesome bow Jimmy good luck with it.

From: wooddamon1 Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 26-May-23

Very nice looking bow!

From: Bob Rowlands
Date: 26-May-23

Nice Bow Jimmy.

Just found your channel Jimmy. Gonna check it out. Thanks for all the vids.

From: jimmyblackmon
Date: 26-May-23

You bet Bob. I just put up a "short" on YouTube and thought of you. I used my "instincts." ;-).

You tried so hard today, but no takers. Have a great weekend.

From: longbowguy
Date: 26-May-23

Thanks Jimmy,

Most osage bows are made short. It will be interesting to see how a long one looks and performs. - lbg

From: BowAholic
Date: 27-May-23

The bow looks great. Thanks for sharing... I miss spending late nights working on bows with Gary at Mojam. He changed how most of us built our bows for sure. Looking forward to seeing a picture of your 2023 deer.

From: Arvin
Date: 27-May-23

Looking good Mr Blackmon.

From: jbl
Date: 27-May-23

Nice!! Thanks for sharing.

From: jimmyblackmon
Date: 27-May-23

jimmyblackmon's embedded Photo

Thanks guys. It's not an Arvin bow, but it's get it done ;-). Hope you are well. Just sprayed the 6th coat of Hellman's Spar Urethane on it and cap dipped a dozen cedar shafts that will go with it.

From: jimmyblackmon
Date: 29-May-23

jimmyblackmon's embedded Photo

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