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Tying Nocking Points & D-Loops

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jimmyblackmon 24-May-23
Keefers 25-May-23
jimmyblackmon 25-May-23
tradslinger 25-May-23
Car54 25-May-23
RalphW 25-May-23
Kelly 25-May-23
George D. Stout 25-May-23
From: jimmyblackmon
Date: 24-May-23

From: Keefers
Date: 25-May-23

Jimmy, I got to say “Thanks” to you for lately showing some of the most simple things we as Traditional bowhunters need to share for those that have no idea on how to do a simple tie on nock and other things you have shared lately. I pretty much do my tie on nock the Rick Barbee way which is a bit different but you and Rick have great tutorials as well as Big Jim on his beavertail installation . I try to teach folks when they come to my shop the nock tie method I use and how simple it is to do and it’s something you could even do in the field if need be. These are things we need to pass down from generation to generation and I appreciate your videos where you share your knowledge . There’s folks that are new and come here asking questions and showing your method is a Big help to them as well as some of us older folks who may not even know and afraid to ask someone. Keep up the good work and keep them coming cause even I can learn something . I just recently talked to a friend a few days ago here at my work place about looking at some of your videos on shooting and how good you are.I think you shot at a balloon at 100 yards or something in a field one day and you shared your method of how you shot. Not sure if it was the gap method or some other method but you had it dialed in and explained it well. Watched your son I take it shooting and I got to say He’s a chip off the old block and looks like he’s brought up Well. God Bless and keep them coming . Keefers <‘)))><

From: jimmyblackmon
Date: 25-May-23

Keefers, Thank you for the kind note. Yes, it is simple...if you've done it. If not, it can be frustrating. I try and not take anything for granted. Pass on all you can. I hope to have a lot of time to hunt this fall and plan to do a lot of filming. I am dedicating the season to the selfbow, so it will be a lot of fun with a stick and string. Please tell folks to follow along on YouTube. I hope to filming scouting, clothing, stand placement, hunting, field dressing, processing, and of course, bow setup and tuning.

From: tradslinger
Date: 25-May-23

Yes, exactly what some are needing to see. Many have questions that they don't even know that they have or how to ask. When you know how to do some things, they are pretty simple or easy but when you don't know, they might be frustrating. I enjoyed the video.

From: Car54 Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 25-May-23

Thanks Jimmy, always good to have alternatives

From: RalphW
Date: 25-May-23

Good tutorial - thanks

From: Kelly
Date: 25-May-23

Would have liked to see him shooting that release on a trad bow.

From: George D. Stout
Date: 25-May-23

Kelly, I've seen folks shooting releases on trad bows and they work beautifully for those archers, and I'm talking over 40 years ago...maybe closer 50 years. I would be dangerous with one so I let it to the experts. :)

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