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ACS Limbs

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Toelke56 24-May-23
Bowhuntercoop 24-May-23
Briar 25-May-23
Fritz 25-May-23
JusPassin 25-May-23
Beendare 25-May-23
Toelke56 25-May-23
bowhunt 25-May-23
B.T. 25-May-23
Herbp 26-May-23
Ollie 26-May-23
JusPassin 26-May-23
From: Toelke56
Date: 24-May-23

Let me hear about your ACS limbs that South Cox makes.

From: Bowhuntercoop
Date: 24-May-23

Best longbows limbs I’ve had. Super fast, no vibe and crazy stable. I have one of his wolverine fxt with recurve limbs that I loved and hunted with for years. It took a back seat last year when my custom coyote fxt with acs limbs came in. Incredibly smooth draw and just launches an arrow with silence.

I’ve sold all my other customs and only run South’s bows now, they are top notch.

From: Briar
Date: 25-May-23

All i have is dryad acs recurve limbs. I love them. Very smooth, a let off type feel and fast. Ive had dryad non acs limbs and did not enjoy them as much.

From: Fritz
Date: 25-May-23

My ACS limbs were shipped yesterday, I shot my buddy’s a few weeks ago and couldn’t believe how well they shot , and super quiet !!

From: JusPassin
Date: 25-May-23

I love them. Been shooting and ACS limbed bow since I got my first one from OL. Have some of South's now. Very well made.

From: Beendare
Date: 25-May-23

Ask South about them....he answers the Phone.

I talked to him right when he bought the patent. He admitted to me they were over hyped.

I have the Dryad version...oh they are good limbs....just not the rocket ships that was claimed. Still slower than any of my recurve limbs.

Bottom line, you might get a few FPS over other limbs....... is it worth the extra $$ ??

From: Toelke56
Date: 25-May-23

Thanks for the replies,I have the limbs made by A@H , I really like them just wondered what the limbs were like since South took over.

From: bowhunt
Date: 25-May-23

I believe ho got all the equipent and support from Larry when they took over the ACS limb designs.So they should be similar limbs.Maybe he tweaked the design a bit?

I know Larry was starting to build some limbs with matrix carbon vs the stuff he usually uses.Uni carbon I think?

Anyway maybe he is using different carbon than you see on most the older ACS limbs?

From: B.T.
Date: 25-May-23

My A&H limbs are faster than any recurve I've found.

From: Herbp Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 26-May-23

I have had A&H limbs and limbs from South both are extremely smooth drawing, shooting and with no limb shock. South is a great guy to deal with, as was Larry.

From: Ollie Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 26-May-23

I had 3 sets of A&H limbs fail so interested in whether those made by South Cox are more durable.

From: JusPassin
Date: 26-May-23

Well, my original OL ACS CX de-laminated and failed after about 10 years so there is that.

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