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Not sure what to say about THIS vid

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Batman 16-May-23
George D. Stout 16-May-23
HuumanCreed 16-May-23
Jimmyjumpup 16-May-23
Longcruise 16-May-23
Jon Stewart 16-May-23
Bob Rowlands 16-May-23
Zbone 16-May-23
LBshooter 16-May-23
2 bears 16-May-23
Randog 16-May-23
Bob Rowlands 16-May-23
Mike E 16-May-23
Buzz 16-May-23
2Wild Bill 16-May-23
Runner 16-May-23
From: Batman
Date: 16-May-23

Hi FOLKS, bumbling around on You Tube. Not sure what to make of this vid? The guy seems enthusiastic? But not sure if his knowledge is ALL there? Take a look? I was shaping my head at some of it? YMMV ??

From: George D. Stout
Date: 16-May-23

From: HuumanCreed
Date: 16-May-23

hahaha, He said 'American Style' holding.

I disagree with about 80% of what he said. But his subscribers count is a lot higher then most archer/hunter youtubers I know, so he's doing OTHER stuff right.

Pretty cool that he mentioned PVC bows, there are whole leagues around the world that has PVC bows convention and event due to how cheap it is to make them. Anything that get people into the sport is a good thing.

From: Jimmyjumpup Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 16-May-23

It’s all about the subscribers

From: Longcruise
Date: 16-May-23

I've always thought that the best "survival" bow is a 30-30 lever gun. LOL

From: Jon Stewart
Date: 16-May-23

lost me at, the arrows "sound like fiberglass" and they came with "screw on nocks" as he is screwing the heads in and out.

Yup, he knows what he is talking about.

From: Bob Rowlands
Date: 16-May-23

What doc said.

From: Zbone
Date: 16-May-23

What about the screw on "nock" at the arrow tip...8^)

From: LBshooter
Date: 16-May-23

He's tacticool, hence the reason he has a lot of uninformed subscribers. I'm sure he only cares about subscribers so to each their own. Sounds like fiberglass, lol

From: 2 bears
Date: 16-May-23

Tough group. That was just a slip he said interchangeable with broadheads. The president does it all the time. It was addressed to beginning archers & a cheap way to get into archery.>>>----> Ken

From: Randog
Date: 16-May-23


From: Bob Rowlands
Date: 16-May-23

Subbed and liked! haha

Dudes just trying to make a few bucks. With 245K subs he likely is doing just that. And, you know, creating content without juvenile opinionated dramatics ain't easy... haha

From: Mike E
Date: 16-May-23

Well Bless his heart anyway huh? He's tryin'.

From: Buzz
Date: 16-May-23

Looks like a PVC bow.

From: 2Wild Bill
Date: 16-May-23

Wow! So many problems with the video never surface when you leave the sound off.

From: Runner
Date: 16-May-23

I wouldn't worry too much about a guy casually discussing a hobby.

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