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Coats of finish on a hickory Bow ?

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Butch 72 25-Apr-23
Runner 25-Apr-23
Jeff Durnell 25-Apr-23
bugsy 49 25-Apr-23
From: Butch 72
Date: 25-Apr-23

Hello All, last year I was gifted one of the cheap 72" Hickory bows. it was marked 50-55# and was about 54 @26".stacked like crazy and I could hardly draw it. Over the winter I went after it with my draw knife slowly and have it worked down to where I can shoot it. keeping it in the house it's usually 43-44# . left it in the garage last week and it was like a wet noodle. put it on the bow scale and it was 38#. back in the house for two days and the draw weight returned. I have a coal furnace in the basement and it is dry. How many coats of finish is needed to seal this bow up? Thanks for any input.

From: Runner
Date: 25-Apr-23

Depends on what you finish with.

From: Jeff Durnell
Date: 25-Apr-23

No finish is 100% moisture proof. Regardless of what finish you ultimately use, you'll need to store it regularly, someplace dry. I hunt with mine without a worry in the rain and humidity, but bring them home, wipe them off, and store them in a controlled environment... my house. Heated in the winter and a/c in the summer does a good job with moisture stability. Also, after the finish is applied, wax it on occasion... car wax, paste wax, parrafin, furniture polish, whatever.

From: bugsy 49
Date: 25-Apr-23

2x, and hickory will suck moisture up like a sponge. Nature of the beast. I do the same as JD right down to the wax.

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