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ed scott brace height

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wahoo 24-Apr-23
fdp 24-Apr-23
B.T. 24-Apr-23
Sapper1980 24-Apr-23
Mike E 24-Apr-23
Arvin 25-Apr-23
bentstick54 25-Apr-23
bugsy 49 25-Apr-23
Sapper1980 25-Apr-23
From: wahoo
Date: 24-Apr-23

brace height for ed scott self bow

From: fdp
Date: 24-Apr-23

How long is it? Self bows are wildly different from glass laminated bows when it comes to brace height. And is it actually a self bow or is it a sinew backed wooden bow?

From: B.T.
Date: 24-Apr-23


From: Sapper1980
Date: 24-Apr-23

I have one too and always wondered. Mine is a sinew backed 58" of art.

From: Mike E
Date: 24-Apr-23

Mike E's embedded Photo

Mine was 6 1/4" 60" 48@28 Sinew backed Osage.

From: Arvin
Date: 25-Apr-23

6-61/2 for me.

From: bentstick54
Date: 25-Apr-23

I find 66-1/4” or close to be the sweet spot on mine. Bow lengths from 63” to 68” NtN.

From: bugsy 49
Date: 25-Apr-23


From: Sapper1980
Date: 25-Apr-23

What are you guys using to maintain the finish on Ed's bows?

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