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Dan Jones 26-Mar-23
bugsy 49 27-Mar-23
CStyles 27-Mar-23
Arvin 28-Mar-23
From: Dan Jones
Date: 26-Mar-23

Has anyone on this site dealt with Ringing Rocks Archery? I would be interested in knowing if you would recommend them or not? Thanks.

From: bugsy 49
Date: 27-Mar-23

They get mixed reviews. They are just trying to make a living, so I would give them the benefit of the doubt, and if you were not satisfied with their product their is a very good chance they would back it. Maybe talk to them first.

From: CStyles
Date: 27-Mar-23

Search this site you will find prior comments

Date: 27-Mar-23

Just a repeat of the same junk Rudder tried pushing. Look at the glue lines on the boo backed hickory recurve you finish. Trying to make a living is one thing. Trying to make an HONEST living is something else.

From: Arvin
Date: 28-Mar-23

I love Pearls honesty.??

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