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The new shop inspector is a challenge

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tradslinger 24-Mar-23
Batman 24-Mar-23
Wayne Hess 24-Mar-23
CStyles 24-Mar-23
Andy Man 24-Mar-23
JMartin 24-Mar-23
Kwikdraw 24-Mar-23
David McLendon 24-Mar-23
Seneca_Archer 25-Mar-23
CStyles 25-Mar-23
tradslinger 25-Mar-23
Muddyboots 25-Mar-23
bentstick54 25-Mar-23
Knifeguy 26-Mar-23
From: tradslinger
Date: 24-Mar-23

So, I started another bow, well, the stave is only 40" long so it will be a kid's bow. I found one of those magnifying lens with a light that extends and adjusts. So far, been a lot better for chasing the Osage rings.

But then the inspector came in to check things out. He had to check everything out and mouth just about everything. I let him check out the stave and I guess he wasn't too impressed because he left his disappointment on the floor near by.

He chewed on my pants legs and talked to me for a bit before finding things to chew on. Finally he started getting tired and so I out a piece of carpet on the floor near me. He conked out twice before going to the open garage door to look out at the rain. Meanwhile, I am slowly chasing a ring, the extra light and magnifying lens has really helped me a lot.

My wife came in searching for Barney just to make sure that he is ok and he lifts his head up to see what she wants and then goes back to sleep. At one point, he was covered in Osage curls and really didn't care.

I did find out that he wasn't gun shy as the thunder boomed and then the electric leaf blower didn't bother him very much. Hopefully I can win him over and he won't be leaving anymore bomb shells on the floor. Even the cat is allowing him to get closer, just no touching, yet. Now I just need to get all of this crap out of my lungs and sinuses. All in all, he is going to fit in just fine.

Date: 24-Mar-23

That’s to funny

From: Batman
Date: 24-Mar-23

Sounds like an interesting day! Wish that there had been Photos of Barney on the rug! BLESSED BE!

From: Wayne Hess
Date: 24-Mar-23

Those little Inspectors got to know all what’s going on, Enjoy

From: CStyles
Date: 24-Mar-23

There is no help like dog help

From: Andy Man
Date: 24-Mar-23

need pictures of inspector at work

From: JMartin
Date: 24-Mar-23

LOL, I love it!

From: Kwikdraw
Date: 24-Mar-23

Dogs are the best, bar none!!!

From: David McLendon
Date: 24-Mar-23

David McLendon's embedded Photo

Nothing like a good Dawg, specially when you grow them and train them yourself. That one is a FC/AFC after many miles, many smiles and many dollars. Now soon to be 12 years old and owes the world nothing. Enjoy your journey with your pup, time flies fast.

From: Seneca_Archer
Date: 25-Mar-23

Not going to debate who's smarter, dogs or cars, but I can tell you this; there's no buddy like a dog buddy.....

From: CStyles
Date: 25-Mar-23

Cats are like cats, dogs are like hairy little people.

Date: 25-Mar-23

Dogs will bring your paper and slippers and don’t need a box to do there #2 in

From: tradslinger
Date: 25-Mar-23

He's a blast, full of energy except for when he crashes hard for a nap. He does have those sharp needle puppy teeth and is chewing on everything so we have a lot for him to chew on. The first two days, he had several accidents in the house but no problems the last two days. The wife loves the daylights out of him

From: Muddyboots
Date: 25-Mar-23

If no picture, it didn't happen

From: bentstick54
Date: 25-Mar-23

Sounds like a fast learner.

From: Knifeguy
Date: 26-Mar-23

Good story! Dogs are amazing in their loyalty. Duchess even lays on the bath mat when I’m showering. When the water goes off she moves! Lance

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