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CD Archery WF19 Riser - preload

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azhunter 18-Mar-23
cliff 19-Mar-23
ca 19-Mar-23
Vaquero 45 19-Mar-23
Sir Nick 19-Mar-23
From: azhunter
Date: 18-Mar-23

I ordered a WF19 riser and I am going to buy a set of limbs. I am trying to determine how much preload the limbs have. I know different risers have different pad angles. Can anyone tell me what poundage limbs they have on a WF19 and what the weight comes out to when put on a bow scale? Thanks!

From: cliff
Date: 19-Mar-23

Max 6, [email protected]

Wd19 bolts in, 47

5 turns out, 43

From: ca
Date: 19-Mar-23

In general for most conventional limbs one lbs for any inch under 25 inch riser length.The CD 19 I had did put two more lbs on top of that.

From: Vaquero 45
Date: 19-Mar-23

Ah yes the " Apocalypse Now " WF19 Stalker . Practically indestructible , great shooter , well balanced , purty to me . I drool over the CD Archery riser offerings . AzHunter you going to like that WF19 . In these end of times , with the up coming food shortages , one don't want a pretty lilly wooden riser that your horse might chew on . lol Seen it happen on an elk pack hunt ! There was a cribber in the pack . ...... Hope you enjoy that riser , let us please know your feedback and thoughts . I own the Stalker and the deadly in hand WF21 in burnt bronze .

From: Sir Nick Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 19-Mar-23

I would not hesitate asking questions you have about the CD Archery risers directly to the owners. Calvin and Dewayne are the inventors and the real deal. Both very sincere and passionate about their products.

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