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Are our Texas friends ok

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Kelly 25-Jan-23
2 bears 25-Jan-23
Rick Barbee 25-Jan-23
Tommyhawk79 25-Jan-23
Rick Barbee 25-Jan-23
Skyhawk 25-Jan-23
elkpacker 25-Jan-23
Batman 25-Jan-23
felipe 25-Jan-23
algstick 26-Jan-23
From: Kelly
Date: 25-Jan-23

Here’s hoping all of our Texas friends are ok? Especially those in the Houston area.

Anybody heard from 2bears?

From: 2 bears
Date: 25-Jan-23

2 bears is just fine. Lost power for a few hours, lots of wind & rain but the worst went around us. Sister in law lost the roof off the house but no one hurt. They are in with us now.>>>---> Ken

From: Rick Barbee
Date: 25-Jan-23

Got a friend who lives in Deer Park.

Trying to in touch with him, but so far no luck.


From: Tommyhawk79
Date: 25-Jan-23

Its just cold out here in the desert today but still going to get up to 50

From: Rick Barbee
Date: 25-Jan-23

Rick Barbee's embedded Photo

Finally got in touch with my buddy in Deer Park. It missed him, but this was about 300 yards from his house.


From: Skyhawk
Date: 25-Jan-23

Glad you had no damage, Ken. We were far enough to get some flooding of roads but no loss of power or any damage. Saw were Houston had 33,000 without power yesterday.

From: elkpacker
Date: 25-Jan-23

diffintly a crazy winter, another storm heading our way on Friday. That would be in spokane area

From: Batman
Date: 25-Jan-23

Prayers Up for all of those affected by the tornado! BE WELL & SAFE!

From: felipe
Date: 25-Jan-23

If it wasn’t for wild weather Texas wouldn’t have weather. We got about 4” of rain and a lot of wind in the treetops. Daughter in Deer Park was probably a quarter mile from Ricks pic but only lost her fence. The San Jacinto west fork is running about 3 feet high and is surrendering many of its catfish.

From: algstick
Date: 26-Jan-23

We barely dodged a bullet here in Beaumont and Silsbee, but had some strong winds and rain. there were a lot of power outages just east of us in Orange but they are mostly fixed now.

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