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Is Bob Wesley still with us

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Buckdancer 24-Jan-23
Andy Man 24-Jan-23
Runner 24-Jan-23
Jimmyjumpup 24-Jan-23
George D. Stout 24-Jan-23
THarris 24-Jan-23
Onehair 24-Jan-23
THarris 24-Jan-23
Buckdancer 25-Jan-23
From: Buckdancer
Date: 24-Jan-23

I haven’t seen or heard much from Bob and somebody was selling arrows from his estate I hope he still with us

From: Andy Man
Date: 24-Jan-23

havn't heard a peep either

liked his vidieo though

From: Runner
Date: 24-Jan-23

Seems he passed last year.

From: Jimmyjumpup Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 24-Jan-23


From: George D. Stout
Date: 24-Jan-23

Someone has been selling or trying to sell some of his 'stuff' on Ebay, likely a relative. One is a Bear Tamerlane compound target model, and he also had a quiver and a bunch of arrows that were allegedly his as well.

From: THarris
Date: 24-Jan-23

I have seen he has passed from two of you, do you know when he died, is there a contact for his son that anyone knows about.

Terry Harris

From: Onehair
Date: 24-Jan-23

Terry you might get info fro Mike Wesley. I bet you have his email. Bob is his uncle.

From: THarris
Date: 24-Jan-23

Thank you Mike, I will contact him.


From: Buckdancer
Date: 25-Jan-23

I can’t believe nobody knows anything talk with him in the 90s when his wife died he autographed his booklet for me and a VHS tape it helped my shooting tremendously.

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