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Gateway Feather Quality

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TheMachoMan 24-Nov-22
Briar 24-Nov-22
White Falcon 24-Nov-22
David McLendon 24-Nov-22
Clydebow 24-Nov-22
Scoop 24-Nov-22
From: TheMachoMan
Date: 24-Nov-22

Does anyone use Gateway feathers, and if so how do you like them? In my limited arrow building experience I've only used Trueflights; however, I had the opportunity to buy a 100 pack of Gateways (in my color, cut, and length) for $20 and couldn't pass it up. I'm hoping they're decent.

From: Briar
Date: 24-Nov-22

Ive never had an issue with them. The base is a little thicker than trueflight but they stick fine, fly fine, hold up fine and serve my purpose.

From: White Falcon
Date: 24-Nov-22

No issues.

From: David McLendon
Date: 24-Nov-22

The base is thicker than I like but a straight clamp and a few passes on some sandpaper will cure that.

From: Clydebow
Date: 24-Nov-22

They are fine.

From: Scoop Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 24-Nov-22

Their current production is very good to excellent. In my opinion when they started up they were a little rough. I quit using them, but went back a couple of years ago, mostly because of price and colors I wanted, and was pleasantly surprised. Last winter I glued up 200 feathers from a couple of different purchases and distributors with zero complaints. Trueflight may still be the gold standard, but my arrows cannot tell the difference. Shoot and enjoy them!

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