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Osage stave... help

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bradkabible68 06-Nov-22
turkeyguy 06-Nov-22
bendystickman 06-Nov-22
Arrowhead 06-Nov-22
Don T. Lewis 06-Nov-22
2 bears 06-Nov-22
From: bradkabible68
Date: 06-Nov-22

I haved an Osage stave, still wrapped in the plastic it came in from Dave's Staves when it was delivered to me prolly back in 2014??? What do I do with This? Any interest in owning this??? Thank you

From: turkeyguy
Date: 06-Nov-22

How much do you want for it? Clay

From: bendystickman
Date: 06-Nov-22

I'll take it :)

From: Arrowhead
Date: 06-Nov-22

I would be interested in it. Could you sent me a pic. Do you happen to know if it has wide growth rings or at least medium rings.

From: Don T. Lewis
Date: 06-Nov-22

That would be a good trade item on our classifieds.

From: 2 bears
Date: 06-Nov-22

I would love to have it & try to work something out with you. Shipping would be pretty costly.

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