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Formby 22-Sep-22
treehermit 23-Sep-22
olddogrib 23-Sep-22
Formby 23-Sep-22
Brian waters 23-Sep-22
Hunter Dave 23-Sep-22
From: Formby
Date: 22-Sep-22

I just picked up a Morrison Phoenix 13” ilf riser with DAS extra long longbow limbs. I am wanting to get some recurve limbs for this setup but this is my first real experience with ilf and I don’t know what length limbs I need to get to maintain smoothness or what weight of limbs I should get to be around 45-47#s.

From: treehermit
Date: 23-Sep-22

Morrison advertises +9# over a 25" on their site for this riser which is only 1# difference than working with a 17' due to the limb pad angles. They are nice risers. I preferred long limbs on the one I had but I have a longer draw. You have not mentioned what yours is.

From: olddogrib
Date: 23-Sep-22

What's your draw length?

From: Formby
Date: 23-Sep-22

28” draw length

From: Brian waters
Date: 23-Sep-22

Longs- rated on a 17" riser id get 45#. Longs rated on a 25" riser- 38# should get you in the ballpark. Im shooting longs(rated on a 25" riser) in 36#, and am scaling 42-43# with 3 turns out on my 13".

From: Hunter Dave
Date: 23-Sep-22

I have a 13" Phoenix, too, and agree with Brian's recommendations. I pull 28.5" and have been running 38# mediums for a 56" bow.

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