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People in Canada.. FIONA is approaching

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Batman 22-Sep-22
Buzz 22-Sep-22
Codjigger 22-Sep-22
Don T. Lewis 22-Sep-22
Runner 22-Sep-22
George Tsoukalas 22-Sep-22
Supernaut 22-Sep-22
Longbow1415 23-Sep-22
Box Call 71 23-Sep-22
From: Batman
Date: 22-Sep-22

Hi FOLKS? Reminders for our People in CANADA and the extreme East coast. No telling what that storm is liable to do? Might take out the power? Keep your eyes peeled and be safe!

From: Buzz
Date: 22-Sep-22

Buzz's embedded Photo

Thank you sir.

From: Codjigger
Date: 22-Sep-22

You southern fellows sometimes gripe about us sending down a little snow from Canada...but.what do you send up to us???..frigging Hurricanes that's what!! JIgger..on the 'ROCK.'

From: Don T. Lewis
Date: 22-Sep-22

Stay safe.

From: Runner
Date: 22-Sep-22

I've been in Nova Scotia as a Hurricane came through. Quite the experience.

From: George Tsoukalas
Date: 22-Sep-22

Stay safe, my friends. Prayers offered. Jawge

From: Supernaut
Date: 22-Sep-22

Stay safe eh.

From: Longbow1415
Date: 23-Sep-22

I’m stuck in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Was due to fly home later today, but the airport has been closed. Earliest flight out I can get is Monday evening. Luckily, I was able to extend my stay at the hotel . Winds picking up quite a bit, and it’s very warm

From: Box Call 71
Date: 23-Sep-22

Windy cold front blew thru here in central Ohio.42 on the porch at coffee time this morning.stay safe up there.

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