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for the new selfbow boyer

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tradslinger 03-Sep-22
Bearfootin 03-Sep-22
Will tell 03-Sep-22
George Tsoukalas 04-Sep-22
bow-n-head 04-Sep-22
From: tradslinger
Date: 03-Sep-22

A lesson that took me a couple of bows to get in my head, tiller comes first and then comes the poundage. Otherwise, it is so easy to shoot past your intended bow weight and end up with a very very light bow as you chase the tiller. Get the tiller correct and then you can lightly scrape or sand both limbs down the same amount until you reach your desired bow weight. For me, I found it easier to totally mark up both limbs with a crayon. Then I can see where I have scraped or not. As I get closer to my weight, I scrape a little and then sand it smooth before checking it again. Yes, I am a slow learner, or maybe, a little forgetful as well. I also find that it helps sometimes to take a break before the last steps to have a drink and maybe a snack before getting into too big of a hurry. Yes, I am prone to get in a hurry and not think things out as clearly as I should. Right now, I am about 4 or 5 pounds heavy on a bow and have it ready for hopefully the last scraping and sanding. But the sun was hot and so I came in for a few minutes. It is a super awesome thing to see this piece of wood finally turn into a useful bow. Even more awesome to take an animal with it! Jerry

From: Bearfootin
Date: 03-Sep-22

Must be very satisfying.

I’ve always wanted to try to do this.


From: Will tell
Date: 03-Sep-22

Slow and easy. You can take more off but you can't put any more on. : )

From: George Tsoukalas
Date: 04-Sep-22

True words. Jawge

From: bow-n-head
Date: 04-Sep-22

Are U using a GIZMO???

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