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My Selfbow journey, love it!

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tradslinger 02-Sep-22
George Tsoukalas 02-Sep-22
Bjrogg 03-Sep-22
BowAholic 03-Sep-22
Altitude Sickness 03-Sep-22
From: tradslinger
Date: 02-Sep-22

First, I am not the best bowyer out there by any means, just have 8 or 9 under my belt. Two or three years ago, I wanted to build a bow but the whole thing looked so daunting to me. I struggle as it is with new things and have to go over and over in my mind to make sure that I even understand what is supposed to happen. I had always wanted to make my own laminated longbow and had one time had everything to build the press and oven but it was given away. So a friend on another site was building a lot of selfbows and this perked my interests up. I never ever thought that I would ever do anything like this, never had the time for years but then due to health issues, I had nothing but time, just no brain to go with it LOL. So after talking myself in at least giving it a try, I bought a couple red oak boards and went for it. Of course I built the first couple way too light but I learned a lot on them. My friend wanted some river cane for arrows so I sent him a bunch. He sent me some staves, blew me away because I was going to have to buy one. I had one to blow up on the first shot but after that, been doing pretty good. I even backed two with bamboo from behind the house. I tried to cut hickory staves but had very poor luck with it. I made several 64" Osage with shelves and palm grips and they shot pretty good. My Hackberry bow was my first attempt at firehardening and loved it. It was a very simple bow, more like a flatbow. But my favorite bows have been the Bendy Bows. So Simple in design but shoot very well. I find myself shooting them the most and so am making another right now that will be a little bit heavier than my others (maybe 44#) . I'm 65 and never thought that I could be able to make anything like these much less be able to hunt with them. Now I suck at bow strings, can't see good enough and my feelings in my fingers is lousy. I guess what I am saying is that if I can do it even with all of my problems and at my age, any one can do it. Jerry

From: George Tsoukalas
Date: 02-Sep-22

Jerry, congratulations. I wish you the best on your journey. Jawge

From: Bjrogg
Date: 03-Sep-22

Yup it’s a journey takes very rewarding and it doesn’t have to cost much either.

Glad you started it. Hope it takes you places you have only dreamed of


From: BowAholic
Date: 03-Sep-22

Thanks for sharing Jerry. There are a lot of us selfbow guys in Arkansas and several of them will be shooting at the TBS Longbow shoot today...registration is at 8:30 and the shoot starts at 9...but there will be lots of other shooting all day today and half of tomorrow. They have been making bows for several days already. Hope you can make it.

From: Altitude Sickness
Date: 03-Sep-22

It can be daunting or frustrating at first. I read as much as I could from all the greats. And made a few poor examples. Then I saw that Bjrogg was :40 from me and I reached out to him. Brian welcomed me to his shop and gave me some great tips on chasing a ring to get the back of a bow.

If people offer you help. Take them up on it. It will speed up the learning curve. And enrich the total experience of passing and receiving knowledge that is moved from one generation or era to the next.

It’s a great thing to use your hands and mind at the same time to create something that doesn’t have to be perfect.

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