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a question about a Mollegabet bow

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Dan Jones 17-Aug-22
fdp 17-Aug-22
Ben Ahrens 17-Aug-22
bradsmith2010santafe 17-Aug-22
Papadeerhtr 25-Oct-22
From: Dan Jones
Date: 17-Aug-22

I'm going to try to make a Mollegabet bow out of a hickory board. In making other bows I've always started by finding the center line of the board hanging a length of string over the board from one end to the other. Does one also do that with a Mollegabet bow? When I do that with this board, I find that it has a bit of side to side warp. But if I mark it out according to the string, the static tips are going to be off center. I hope my explanation of the issue gets my question across. Thanks for any help with this question.

From: fdp
Date: 17-Aug-22

I do all of my lay out in a similar manner. I'm not sure how the tips would be off center as long as they are in line with each other and your center line?

If it has a warp then try to lay out the bow in such a way that the tips are aligned if the board is wide enough and it doesn't create too much grain run out. That or try straightening the board, or you can tiller the bow so that it straightens when strung/braced.

From: Ben Ahrens
Date: 17-Aug-22

The center line of the bow needs to follow the grain. On a very straight stave the method you're talking about works fine, but on one with some curves to it you have to manually mark it out looking carefully at the grain. If the grain zigs/zags, so does your center line. You may need to do some work with heat/steam to straighten it out to get the string aligned. The bow can be pretty curvy be pretty curvy as long as the line from tip to tip passes directly over the centerline of the grip more or less when braced.

Date: 17-Aug-22

You cant follow grain on a milled board. If the grain isn't straight you will have to find a new board. That style bow wont tolerate twist. The tips have to be aligned nearly perfectly.

From: bradsmith2010santafe
Date: 17-Aug-22

i dont understand, a pic would help

From: Papadeerhtr
Date: 25-Oct-22

In my experiences if the grain in the board isn't straight, it will break.

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