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Nocks for 11/32 cedar arrows

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Two Flints 05-Aug-22
fdp 05-Aug-22
Bootaka 05-Aug-22
Andy Man 05-Aug-22
2 bears 05-Aug-22
aromakr 05-Aug-22
Tim Finley 05-Aug-22
trad archer 1 05-Aug-22
From: Two Flints
Date: 05-Aug-22


It seems like the jaws on some of my Bohning Classic Nocks have "widened" just enough so that my arrows slip of my string as I start my draw. I've read on the Leatherwall that you can wrap dental floss around the server area where needed and/or pinch the jaws of the Classic Nocks to tighten their grip on the string.

I have never had this problem with Nirk Nocks and when looking at the Footed Shaft web site, I see they offer Snap Nocks which their add states, "Classic Snap Nock snaps on to the string tightly."

Anyone using the Snap Nocks? They look like my Nirk Nocks, does anyone know? Any comments on the best nocks to use on cedar arrows?


Two Flints

From: fdp
Date: 05-Aug-22

I've used them over the years. Thye worked fine for me.

From: Bootaka
Date: 05-Aug-22

I use them, I like them. Macro Snap nocks. They have a smaller throat than the boning classics. Same size as most carbon nocks. No index if it matters to you.

From: Andy Man
Date: 05-Aug-22

Like the old mercury speed nocks the best but get along fine with the bohnning classic

From: 2 bears
Date: 05-Aug-22

Most likely the serving is worn down a little. You can reserve it possibly using a larger diameter serving thread. You can build the serving up as suggested. I wouldn't alter the nocks until you check with other nocks. They may be loose too. If you don't have the ability to fix it or get it done locally send the string & a nock to me & I will reserve it for you. >>>>----> Ken

From: aromakr Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member
Date: 05-Aug-22

You can adjust the amount of nock grip on the string by re-serving the string with a larger material. I've used the Bohning classic nock since it first hit the market, its the best nock for woods I've ever used. Used nothing but Classics for 25+ years commercially.

Your problem is probably serving ware not a nock problem.


From: Tim Finley Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 05-Aug-22

Ive used Bohning classics for a longtime then I bought Marco nocks and I like them better .

From: trad archer 1
Date: 05-Aug-22

I use the Marco nocks on my woods and aluminum. Some of my strings are well used and I've never noticed any change in nock fit. Marco nocks are a little tighter which works for me.

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