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Is it just me or do I have a bow problem

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Mr.Strongbow 04-Aug-22
George Tsoukalas 04-Aug-22
2 bears 04-Aug-22
babysaph 04-Aug-22
longbowguy 04-Aug-22
mahantango 05-Aug-22
pipcount 05-Aug-22
David Mitchell 05-Aug-22
Jarhead 05-Aug-22
MGF 05-Aug-22
reddogge 05-Aug-22
Wayne Hess 05-Aug-22
2Wild Bill 06-Aug-22
brianbfree 06-Aug-22
greyghost 06-Aug-22
From: Mr.Strongbow
Date: 04-Aug-22


Howdy Pards,

"Mr.Strongbow" here- as an "older" newbie to the forum.

Just wanted to share with a few of yaz a bit of a testimonial, or if you were to ask my long-suffering beautiful bride of 26 years, sortova' bloomin nightmare- go figure!

So as I have recently discovered - I am not alone with my new found hobby (errrr addiction; obsession; past-time; full-time maybe, errrr?) and want to share how I got here.

Archery was first introduced to me during my Boy Scout adventures in the mid 70's, and to get me out of the house- and looking back, more likely out of the neighborhood, my parents bought me a Little Red Bear bow with the 3 green arrows anyone... member?

Fast forward to my high school days and I bought a Bear Polar LTD and enjoyed it sure enough, even won a little field tourny against the adults (confidence builder for sure). Ended up trading it for a Honda dirt bike. End of my archery days.

Now really fast forward- now in my 50's (yup, I'm a vintage 65' model) during the middle of the Covid "stay at home and work remotely" period of time (idle minds really doooo get into some trouble) and I was browsing the net for some general info about vintage recurves (see why it's call "the web"!!!). And would ya know it, the dang site I visited had a "For Sale" button...damn that button!

12 months later and now in the present...that first harmless little mouse click on the "For Sale" button has reaped a harvest of..... over 100 vintage bows and counting-i chee wawa!!! Well, I can honestly say I may have "An Issue".

I actually feel better just getting this "issue" out in the open and it just may be the start of some sorta salvation from myself...or not.

Anyhooh, I hope this little testimony (or more like a confession- "oh Lord, please help me.. but go kinda sloooow) makes someone feel a little better bit about themselves at my has been damn expensive, and please share my ( let's call it an "experience") with your spouse or significant other so you can now honestly say "but honey, there is this guy on the web that is waaaay worse that I am"!

Peace & Safety to ya'll,

Gary "Mr.Strongbow" Strong Carlsbad, NM

From: George Tsoukalas
Date: 04-Aug-22

Awesome! Welcome back, my friend.

From: 2 bears
Date: 04-Aug-22

You have a problem. Welcome to the crowd. >>>>-----> Ken

From: babysaph Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member
Date: 04-Aug-22

I am working on mine. Selling em all but a few

From: longbowguy
Date: 04-Aug-22

You need a new hobby: selling bows on line. Take good pictures and write clever ads. You might make a nice profit. It will be fun! - lbg

From: mahantango
Date: 05-Aug-22

Nah, I've known guys with way more than that, and I'm not far behind you. Welcome, it could be a lot worse.

From: pipcount
Date: 05-Aug-22

You and I both need AA - Archers Anonymous. You more than I. :)

From: David Mitchell
Date: 05-Aug-22

Uh, what's the problem? LOL

From: Jarhead
Date: 05-Aug-22

I won't tell if you don't...

From: MGF
Date: 05-Aug-22

I don't know if I can relate. I haven't bought a bow since 2016 and I never got so much as a single day off work due to covid (a good thing).

Once in a while my wife catches me making eyes over some pretty bow and she reminds me that I would be better off spending the money on a hunt or something.

From: reddogge
Date: 05-Aug-22

Give yourself 20 years and you'll be selling all but a few like me.

From: Wayne Hess
Date: 05-Aug-22

With the good lord an this site their will be help at times, Enjoy

From: 2Wild Bill
Date: 06-Aug-22

Sell, sell, sell, sell..........

From: brianbfree
Date: 06-Aug-22

welcome to the club

From: greyghost
Date: 06-Aug-22

You are not the lone Ranger. If I don't have at least 50 I feel naked. LOL


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