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From the PGC....public service note

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George D. Stout 01-Aug-22
Ben Ahrens 01-Aug-22
Mahantango 01-Aug-22
Pa Steve 01-Aug-22
Rut Nut 01-Aug-22
Nemophilist 01-Aug-22
Desperado 01-Aug-22
jdbbowhunter 01-Aug-22
Takedown 01-Aug-22
treehermit 04-Aug-22
Pa Steve 05-Aug-22
[email protected] 05-Aug-22
treehermit 05-Aug-22
Wayne Hess 05-Aug-22
Griz 05-Aug-22
George D. Stout 05-Aug-22
Tedd 05-Aug-22
Pa Steve 06-Aug-22
Tedd 06-Aug-22
grizz 06-Aug-22
From: George D. Stout
Date: 01-Aug-22

George D. Stout's embedded Photo

Pennsylvania Game Commission

Pennsylvania hunters: Are you tired of the pink envelopes? [Contact your state representative and senator and ask them to support Senate Bill 431:].

If Senate Bill 431 passes, Pennsylvania’s Wildlife Code could be amended, and Pennsylvania deer hunters could simply purchase their antlerless deer licenses over- the-counter or online at

The Pennsylvania Game Commission supports the bill, [read more:]. Without the Legislature taking action, no change to the process can be made.

Pennsylvania's 2022 Antlerless Deer License Application Schedule is as follows: AUG. 15, UNSOLD, 2nd ROUND. SEPT. 12, OVER-THE-COUNTER SALES FOR WMUS WHERE LICENSES REMAIN. Visit for more details. Thank YOU for being a Pennsylvania hunter.

From: Ben Ahrens
Date: 01-Aug-22

Wow, sounds like a big win in terms of convenience, though not being a PA hunter I don't know the history at all.

From: Mahantango
Date: 01-Aug-22

Yes, the current system sucks

From: Pa Steve
Date: 01-Aug-22

Wow, PGC finally realized it's not 1977 anymore.

From: Rut Nut
Date: 01-Aug-22

YEP! It's about DANG time!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE help PA get out of the DISCO age! ;-)

From: Nemophilist
Date: 01-Aug-22

I don't send for doe licenses but all I know is this was the first year I bought all my hunting licenses online from the PGC. And I liked it. :)

From: Desperado
Date: 01-Aug-22

I get as many doe tags as I can and throw them away to do my part to save future deer hunting...I have zero problems with the current pink envelope system !!!!!! I actually look forward to see the pink envelope in the mail !!!!!

From: jdbbowhunter
Date: 01-Aug-22

Didn't know stuff like this still existed.

From: Takedown
Date: 01-Aug-22

Good luck with this all the county treasurers get a portion of the doe tag fee. Not sure how much. Anytime you take money away from government it's like pulling teeth

From: treehermit
Date: 04-Aug-22

treehermit's embedded Photo

How will that work with the quotas? Anyway, the pink envelop appears to be more than USPS can handle. I received this in my mailbox today. I did get an email receipt for the license, so I guess I'm good even though this is part of the return envelope too.

From: Pa Steve
Date: 05-Aug-22

The email the PGC sends successful applicants actually contains a file to open and print your antlerless license. I believe that's also new this year. They also physically send the pink envelope with permit back to you.

From: [email protected]
Date: 05-Aug-22

I imagine there will be a whole bunch of people hitting "send" at the same time.

I hope nobody hacks in and destroys a lot of doe tags, I mean, what could go wrong with computers counting vot.....s.. uuhhmmmm doe tag quotas.


From: treehermit
Date: 05-Aug-22

Hey, thanks Steve. I see that and I did print it.

From: Wayne Hess
Date: 05-Aug-22

It’s easy er over the internet + those pink envelopes cost money to make, those dollars would be saved for the state an Game Commission, Convenient Yes, but it’s still about making Money.

From: Griz
Date: 05-Aug-22

It takes less than 3 minutes to fill one out and write the check. It is overplayed drama and until a proposal is presented of how an online system is going to work, this is fair and works. Watch out what you ask for as it may be worse than you think. The same ones crying about envelopes every year will just pick up the bell about how the online system doesn't work the way they want it to. 47 years of filling them out and not one problem....EVER.

From: George D. Stout
Date: 05-Aug-22

Yessir Griz, I don't doubt your word.

From: Tedd
Date: 05-Aug-22

Who's brother is in the envelope business? What a joke. That process is a waste of time, resources, gas, ink, stamps, US mail service, checks, banking and paper. Jeez-uz it has to end! No one in the non govt. business world can participate in that application process without shaking their head. I can drive 1900 miles to wyoming and walk in the hardware store or actually the Conoco and buy a instant doe license.

...Oh I got my PA doe permit today in the mailbox in it's 1/2 pink envelope. Reminder to do the pink envelopes again this weekend for your next doe permit!


From: Pa Steve
Date: 06-Aug-22

Tedd, you're a week behind. Second round started last Monday 08/01...Third round starts 08/15. Good luck to everyone.

From: Tedd
Date: 06-Aug-22


See what I mean.

You are correct. Later you can go to the courthouse and buy over the counter without the pink envelope.

"Over-the-Counter Sales in WMUs where licenses remain.

Over-the-counter sales are sold through county treasurer offices. Licenses may be obtained in person or by mai"l

From: grizz
Date: 06-Aug-22

Seems like the root of the problem is a game department being controlled by a Legislature.

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